Evolution 2 - Screen Shots
06.12.2000 E3 Screens Source: Sting
Spooky Large bird thing In the Adventurer's Society
Don't mess with the butler Nice floor design Big hammer
Linear plays an ocarina Big robot thing Philosophy
04.20.2000 A Variety of Screens Source: Daily Radar 
Quite a cast of characters A Super-Deformed hero A Japanese conversation
A large room Running down a road A closeup
Clasp text Laughing In a train
BIG glasses A strange pink... thing All smiles
Wide-eyed surprise "Wha?" In battle
Attack! An enemy reciprocates The hero attacks
11.18.1999 New Demo Screens! Source: RPGFan 
In a headlock Downtown In battle
Run away! Run away! Another battle  
11.18.1999 New Demo Screens! Source: IGN DC 
Linear, Mag, the scientist, and a girl Linear and Mag looking cute Linear looking even cuter!
Linear finds a teddy bear Frying pan ATAKKU! In front of the Society
ka-BAM! Take that! Inside a large hall Gre-san
An overhead view of the town The overworld Into the Darkness!
*Sniff* poor Mag Nice coffee table Hello?
Rinia ga hairimasu! Mag wins again! Mag Special Attack!
11.13.1999 More Screens Source: Magic Box 
Linear talking The party talking Entering a building
Max talking A field shot The train!
Linear in the VMU game    
10.27.1999 More Screens Source: CoreMagazine 
Mag shows off his Robot Arm Fire! A fire attack
Chatting Close-up  
10.03.1999 TGS Screens Source: CoreMagazine 
Walking through a town Buying some items In a dungeon
Talking to a shopkeep In battle In a factory of some sort
  Worlds/Places of Evolution  
Approaching the enemy Mag in dungeon Mag in dungeon 2
Big red lever Peek Chain in dungeon
Pepper finds something Mag in town Pepper in town
Mag in town 2 Aerial view Linear in the rain
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