Champions: Return to Arms - Screen Shots
01.28.2005 More Screens IGN
Perhaps the dead body on the ground wasn't enough of a tip to stay away from here Look out behind you! Swirly fire
Aww, nobody invited that guy in the distance to play I'll take you all on! Who ate the last pie?
You might want to get out of the way of that giant hammer What's an RPG without character customization? Who's the good guy in this one?
If this is underwater, they have the worst buoyancy ever Come a little closer, I have to tell you a secret Going for a swim
This what your toasters become after years of abuse and neglect Where's that off-switch? Give me more sword points, you fool. I need sword points!
A campfire singing session gone horribly wrong You will fight to the death for my friendship No red, horned demons allowed
Ow, my back just went out Outnumbered I'll put my money on the glowing, Soul Reaver-wielding lizard man
Why fight when you've got $1.5 million? This is what you end up with when you show up late to dress rehearsal
01.26.2005 Initial Screens
You shall not pass Quintuple-teamed And twist, and turn, feel the burn; there you go!
Smell my elbow! This is what happens when you put raw meat in your roommate's bed the night before
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