Forever Kingdom - Screen Shots
07.14.2001 Yes, Even More Screenshots GameWatch
The situation looks dangerous The dangerous situation from a different angle Bursting with light
In a dungeon Guarding against a red demon Little orange things
Fighting a door? The door is gone! Pumpkinhead
Walking on water Something floats out of a treasure chest Something else floats out of a treasure chest
Cute puppy    
05.11.2001 Yet More Screenshots GameWatch
When it rains, it pours Yuterald's profile Fillna's Profile
Before a treasure chest At the bottom of a grand staircase Nice reflective floor
Enter the Shopkeeper's domain Wanna buy a necklace? Almost everything's sold out!
That is one scary looking guy Some sort of armor The little Shopkeeper
He's on fire! Look at my maracas How effective could an umbrella possibly be?
Giant hammers are always fun Come out and dance Guess it's effective enough
Ouch...right in the butt Fighting in a dank cave Smart hits?
I'd rather be getting that treasure chest's cold in here Looking over the edge of despair
Blasted mud A gravestone, or a roadsign? Losing a grip on things
Lost in the caves AHHH...CHOOO! In the golden fields at night
Getting sleepy
04.13.2001 More Screenshots GameWatch
An area overview A simple country cottage Did you say something?
I wonder what's in the barrels Wasting time So quick, I didn't even see him move
That's a big hammer The system menu I sense something is gonna happen
Brr...that's cold High jump An even higher jump
Slashing for fun and profit Uh, oh...OVER KNOCK! A big hit
I, uh, agree Preparing for a fishing trip Watch where you point that thing!
04.13.2001 Some New Screenshots  
Yuterald stares off into the distance A distant lakeside town Battling ogres
A flashy combo Who DOESN'T want to fight a thing this weird-looking? Nice...uh...fishnets?
The situation looks tense That can't feel good
03.12.2001 4 Screenshots Source: Gamespot Japan
A 2 headed bull Wandering through the trees A smashed up building
Fry pan beat-down    
03.10.2001 6 New Screenshots  
Looking out at the sunset The bridge to nowhere Battle
A nice big boom Pancake flipping? Looking at the evening sky
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