Dungeon Siege - Screen Shots
10.21.2002 Gameplay Screens
Opening Menu Battle with the Krug Closeup Battle Action
Shooting a Zombie Healing a companion Fun with spiders
That's a LARGE spider Help!! Outside the mines
Spare a mule? Glacern Blacksmith Shop Better a shrine than potions...
Nifty Lighting Effects A Purple Beast He's really purple...
Grisly Church Statue Beware the church members Swamp thing
A summoned beast Dangerous Machinery Battle Aftermath
A fantasy Mech Goblin Mech in action Target Practice?
Desert Ledge An Impressive View Well hello!
Some treasure... ...and a HUGE dragon. What's for dinner?
Thanks for the meal! Yes Nelly, it's getting hot in here. Reception Room
Deep underground An ornate temple/church Just a few more kills...
Move, will you? Eat my staff! How ominous...
Dramatic Stance The welcoming committee Wouldn't be a final boss without a laser beam...
Not done yet?!? Lightning - go figure Burn!
04.05.2002 And a few more screens
Bridge standoff Magic by a waterfall ZAP
Poisonous spiders Pick a side Watch for falling objects
To rob or not to rob? Zombie-filled cemetery Snowy forest
Man vs. Machine Dangerous woods at night Icy arachnids
Multiple giant enemies Quick healing Dare to take on a dragon?
On the train tracks Overlooking a desert Looks exciting
Defend the well Snow town A most annoying swamp
Crystal zapping Frozen land bridge Engulfed in flames
07.26.2000 Exploration
Snow-covered bridge Where is everybody? Tower ruins
Sparkly magic High bridge Blue dragon
Flesh vs. bone More snow Night at the beach
Dark, lonely corridor Forest cottage A well
Beefy golem Trolls Bridge at midnight
Mini-fireball Active graveyard Lady's tent
Forest cottage again Ominous entrance Forest bridge
05.24.2000 E3 Screens
Visiting the blacksmith I'm covered in bees! He's like a pincushion
Hope it's not allergy season Stonehenge empowerment Colorful war with the undead
This is why I don't go into forests Sniped and clubbed at the same time The guy in the middle seems to have a problem
Time to get sloshed at the tavern
05.12.2000 More Screens IGN
A battle of epic proportions That horse is so eaten Eerie landscape
Oh...crap But how do you kill the dead? A view of the map editor
Not even the dead like burning Places you just shouldn't go Are those bone arrows?
A normal day in the forest village Somebody stole the roof! Umaro and friends
I really hate spiders. Especially giant ones A quaint cottage That's what my basement looks like!
When an elevator would be useful Look at the deer The chickens are geting all wet
Along the edge Cobwebs galore
03.09.2000 First Screens
Climactic bridge battle! The living dead! An ominous entrance
Evil Stone Golem Pathway of doom Wood Golem and company
Magic ablaze    
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