Torneko: The Last Hope - Screen Shots
03.07.02 GBA version Screens  
Torneko Goes Home The Haunted House At a Castle
Them bones... Wandering in a Forest A Church?
Menu Scrolling In a Shop About to Enter a Dungeon
Talking A chef? More Dungeon Fun
The Roof is on Fire Help! Fire! Outside of Home
The Chef Again Cut Scene People love to stand in doorways
Fortune Teller Some Shop, Somewhere Another town, Another shop
11.27.2000 Release Screens
Torneko on a precipice (FMV) The village (FMV) Monsters attack (FMV)
Torneko wields a club (FMV) Running through a fire cave (FMV) Dragon's head (FMV)
Start screen New game? The story begins..
Old man gets excited The wife gives advice Inside the grass field
Slimes approach! Talking to the King The floor is mapped out
Thank you (not game over) So many books, so many options Beware the wind...
Looking at a mummy Experience gained A helpful spell
You wish you had a Belly meter? In the dark I, Torneko, will strike you down!
Magma cave Ice is fun A steel trap
A Dragon shield is expensive Need a break? A ruin
Some more Torneko shots
Some sort of dungeon Bunches of people A spellcasting
Lots of monsters A messy room  
Torneko: The Last Hope
Church Shot? Town Screen Characters Talking
Battle Scene    

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