Dragon Warrior 1 & 2 - Screen Shots
12.28.2000 Town Maps
Cannock Dragonhorn Garinham
Hamlin Kol Leftwyne
Lianport Lorasia Mercado
Oster Rimuldar Tantegel Castle
Zahan Tantegel  
06.02.2000 E3 Screens - DW2 Source: Nintendo
In the castle garden Dungeon treasure Rest for the weary
04.19.2000 First Screens
  Dragon Quest 1 GameBoy Color Screens
The DQ1&2 title screen A slime approaches! Another DQ1 battle shot; a ghost
Beware the skeletons! DQ1 cinematic shot; a dragon attacks! A dragon with an orb
Don't steal the princess! Flying off from the castle... I remember that room!
Outside of the first town Inside the first town A shop, of course!
That would be an Inn And the inside of the Inn "Don't steal my pot!"
I can see that castle across the water! Walking through the woods "The water looks so...inviting."
Don't cross that bridge! DQ1 titles screen--ah, the memories  
  Dragon Quest 2 GameBoy Color Screens  
Two on one! No fair! Death looks eminent... One hit point left...
A sword rests in the ground A castle in the distance On top of the castle
A river running through a castle? Burn! BURN! And they approach
Blocking off the stairs... Before the King It's a whirlpool!
"Came through the portal, I did." "How'd I get HERE?" Wandering the foothills is dangerous
"I'm trapped!" Another bridge; to cross, or not to cross More landscape
Into the desert! Pleasant enough town--maybe Aha! A shop!
That's a nice room "Let me out!!" The title screen
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