Dragon Warrior I & II

A lesson in RPG histoy.

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Dragon Warrior 1 and 2

Dragon Warrior, when first released, introduced many players to the genre that would eventually take over their lives (at least as game players). For most people, everything about the game seemed unique; at its release it was a completely different type of experience compared to the typical arcade and action games people were used to playing. Sure, it was lacking in story, and the game's graphics and battle system was markedly simple, but its tone was epic in scope and style, causing people who played it to want more. And that's exactly what they got. Three more Dragon Warrior games were released in North America for the NES, and now the series is on its seventh installment in Japan, not to mention all of the side stories. Now, Enix is releasing Dragon Warrior I & II for the Gameboy Color, at its core an experience deep from the roots of gaming history.

Cinematic Shot
New cutscenes added.

Simplicity is the best way to describe the games. You learn your objective, travel from town to town fighting monsters and gaining experience points, and occasionally search through a cave or dungeon looking for treasure, eventually taking you to the conclusion. Aside from the gameplay, the graphics have been slightly altered to accommodate to the Gameboy Color's screen, and some new cut-scenes have been added. Another welcome addition is revamped script. Some names have been changed, and dialogue is now much more clearly written.

The Beginning
Dragon Warrior I brings back many fond memories.

The two games are on the same cartridge, and will provide for many hours of questing. For those of you who missed playing these games on the NES, or if you want to relive the experience for nostalgia's sake, Dragon Warrior I & II for the Gameboy Color is definitely worth a look.

Into the Desert
Dragon Warrior II
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