Drakengard - Screen Shots
03.11.2004 A Large One Gamespot
Without error An arcane targeting system Lasers in the olden age
When your plan just doesn't fly See the scripture? Cometdance
Double-slash Barren landscapes Too many mushrooms
Burninating the countryside... Burninating the peasants He called himself a fool?
Bring down la resistance One large catapult Track the sky
35? More! Flaming shockwaves Ms. Shinyhair
Judgement IS at hand! "Oh boy... INCOMING DRAGON!" Same shot, different size
You cannot get thy dagger. Map of the battlefield Outnumbered?
Down with the union! The clone army Scatter peons, scatter
Creating oceans Flight acrobatics Too many targets
In need of a lightsaber Swordwhirly The harmony of blood
What the? Goblins? From maroon to gold 5 slash X ice
Whoops.. Used the special too early That's better Poor foolish mortals
How would it feel? Chain swordning The dragon speaks
Always 35 Hack and slash I'm running out of ideas
Last glance What be this trickery? Such blinding majik
House of wood and fire A suicidal end To lay in pain
Wonderful detail Arise, soldier Yin and Yang
Think fast.. Your deed will be received More manslaughter
Finally, a worthy opponent What is this creation? Soldiers with wings
Attractive line-up Where is my mind? Stuck against the wall
Yes, yes it does. Distant dead men walking Hidden 35's
Battling at night Search for the voices Choosing your destination
Almost there... He who stands out in a crowd Wow, 10!
Maintain that framerate More bosstastic's Lil' red goooblins
Such large swords for such short creatures Straight-thru Demons in armor
Peaks and valleys Trash the airships
10.14.2003 A few screens(but high quality!).  
Big dragon vs. Bigger THING. Infantry Crispies cereal! They're really on fire! Working up a melee attack combo.
CG shot: Whee, carnage! CG shot: Speedier film is required here.
05.21.2003 E3 Screens  
Line 'em up... Cave Conversation A little hand-to-hand
A little dragon-to-hand Swooping down In Flight 2
03.01.2003 Additional Screens New Technix
Heat of battle Panzer Dragoon-ish action Don't collide!
Torch the city! Near miss The lone wanderer
Kickin' butt Realistic violence
01.06.2003 First Screens  
In flight To battle! Dark battle
Clash He needs a breathmint...  
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