Deus Ex - Screen Shots
02.07.2003 PlayStation 2 Screens Source: Planet Deus Ex
Playing with fire Return fire Robotic feet
One dead guard Countersnipe! Aim's a little low
All business/a> Multiple targets Goodie box
Menu Knife at ready Looks familiar...
Possible friend Choices, choices (Screams)
Movie Purple alien Get the suit!
Battle mech Setting up the bomb Definitely offroad
Sticky situation BOOM! Funky dance
Sneaking in the back Shooting barrels Aiming at the civilian
Incoming! Striking a pose Ready and waiting
Weapon Mods menu Title screen Wicked beasts
Hard at work Dodging Distanced target
Men's room shakedown Using the force? No instructions...
Multiple enemies Having fun Soldiers
Similar guns Coffee break? Looks guilty
The red arrow triad Enemy mecha Which question is better
Bypassing More bypassing Showdown
Special security Energy bolt  
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