Dark Cloud - Screen Shots
10.23.2000 Even More October Screens Source: IGN
Rabbit/Human? Glowing orb Flying over the town
He *looks* evil Scaled Monster Battle Screen
Casting a spell? A town Lanky hero running
Looking into the night    
10.06.2000 October Screens Source: IGN
Roof ritual Glowing navel Huge foe
Maniacal laughter Energy Blast Protagonist looks up
Toppling tower A daring rescue attempt Grateful girl
Sage advice? Magical bracelet Treasure!
Hall of torches Menacing bonebox Finishing blow!
Fighting in a cave Parry, thrust, slash Die, skeleton!
A fireball, perhaps? Flare of magic Smelling your shoulder?
Town overview Making the town A giant, to Quixote
Strolling through a field House A small girl
Doomo Arigatou! Stairway to ... offscreen Inside the town
Must be hard to balance Maybe a trader? Strolling towards
and strolling away Nighttime Weird fellow
Conversation Oasis Grassy area
Castle Dark tower Dancing ritual
Imposing and... not Maniacal tounge Ole!
Quick motion Do the twist House at night
Inferno Treehouse Weird monster
Looks familiar Attack! Battling.. a human?
Strange dodging move No, it's not Sephiroth Cogs of fate
Cat girl? No, it's my ladder! Lights in the dark
Winged beast Platform balance Don't fall!
Looming creation Flying ship  
02.25.2000 High-Res Screens Source: PS2 IGN
A rural town Get out of that dungeon! It's another rural town!
The town at sunset Surrounded! The map-maker?
A cloudy night A dock of some sort? All bow before the pot!
Battle with a skeleton!    
11.16.1999 New Screens Source:
Hero rides on a carpet An ominous forest Overworld map shot
Running through grasslands World creation Another flying carpet shot
General Screens
The Hero stands in a rich 3D world
The Hero looks around with curiosity
The Hero looking at a town
The Hero leaps in a forest
A map
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