Dark Cloud 2 - Screen Shots
03.03.2003 Large Screens  
Spiffy New Georama Max and Monica Revenge of the Ghost Train
More of M&M Battle Time (Max) Battle Time 2 (Max)
Battle Time 3 (Max) Battle Time 4 (Max) Battle Time 5 (Max)
Battle Time 6 (Max) Battle Time 7 (Max) Battle Time 8 (Max)
Battle Time 9 (Max) Fishing More Fishing
Even More Fishing Max Guarding Max Riding Steve
Max and Steve Fighting Max and Steve Fighting 2 Max takes a stroll
Jet Pack? Max Talking Battle Time (Monica)
Monica takes a stroll Monica's Super Attack Monica's Super Attack 2
Monica's Super Attack 3 Monica Talking Fully Functional Steve
10.08.2002 Scanned Screens  
"Don't look at me!" Checkin on their status Looking out onto a town
In the field A village Blurry battle
It's looking hot! Appears to be a fight Blah blah blah!
Look at all the items! Surprise! Congratulations!
09.19.2002 Even More Screens  
High above a garden A tank armed with...swords?! Latest RPG minigame innovation, virtual fishtank!
Another rough day at the office You're on; if the Dolphins win I dance in the street naked! Where are the laws of physics?
Fishin' I'm a cheesehead now mommy! Loaded
Your worst nightmare come true A factory Next stop: Tower of Babel
Could this be the home of the seven dwarves?    
08.06.2002 More Screens  
Casting magic Fastest draw in the West Where is his left arm?
To hop the fence or not hop the fence... "You've told that old story 50 times in a row!" He holds magical powers
Bring sunglasses next time! Peering at the large mansion "Isn't it a beautiful day?"
A cottage in the forest Looking through the streets Taking a slash
05.17.2002 First Screens  
Frightened Looking through the streets A leafy battle
I wonder if his room has black curtains... Your female compatriot ... who strikes a mean blow
Beat those flowers down! Spires The mining town of Palmbrinks
And its cheery buildings And its odd layout And odd foliage
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