City of Heroes - Artwork
05.15.2004 New E3 Artwork
Cackle of Flying Heroes Fighting Artwork Poison Ivy Wannabe Model
Heroes being Destroyed Shoulders for Miles Model Spider Guy Concept Art
Gee. Red, White, and Blue guy! Dr. Spiderpus Family Portrait, Minus Family.
06.06.2003 E3 Artwork 2003
Heroes stand together Heroes coming to the rescue The city
A Hero model A Villain model
05.24.2002 E3 Art
Cave base Some sort of hover car Soldiers
Blasting away Military scientist A boring building
Freakshow Freedom Phalanx Inside the Freedom Phalanx
Freedom Phalanx floorplan A Luxcar Another Luxcar
Armored guy Nosferatu A Rikti
Lots of Rikti A sportscar Steampunk
01.21.2002 Character/City Designs
A radioactive superhero? Bird's-eye view of the city Two assorted characters
The "Freaks," a villainous gang Villain with a rather large scythe
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