Chrono Trigger - Artwork
04.11.04 Assorted artwork.
Ayla Azala Belthasar
Crono #1 Crono #2 Crono and Frog
Cyrus Dalton Fiona
Frog Janus Johnny
Kino Lucca Magus
Marle Ozzie Flea
Slash Robo Schala
Tata Toma Queen Zeal
Chrono, Frog and Marle battle a vicious ice beast. The party rests around a nighttime campfire. Chrono, Robo, and Frog explore a cave teeming with vermin.
Chrono pilots the Epoch with Lucca and Frog. Chrono, Frog, and Lucca confront Magus on a barren plain. Chrono and Marle descend a hill by moonlight.
Ayla soars through the air on the back of a pterodactyl. Lucca repairs Robo in her home. Robo defends Crono and Ayla in a crowded marketplace.
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