Chrono Cross - Screen Shots
12.20.2000 New Screens Source: IGN
Walkin through the forest In the corner of a hall The title splash screen
In the mush Engaging the worm creature In the mush part 2
An alter? Blah blah? Bottom of a stairwell
A teleporter What a view I'm Guybrush Threepwood
On the boardwalk ...for a good reason The home-raiding RPG
Gee, seem boring? Where's the large monkey head? Beautiful scenery
Coming from above ...ending up below Still no monkey head
Step right up Mmm... seabreeze Who do you see?
This doesn't look good Crossroads I see a Kidd
Close-up Your turn with the mirror Serge, party of three
Okay I lied. THIS is a view. Background renders are yum Jumpin' all over da place
Sunset beach (possible spoiler) Poof, gone Here I come to save the day
Stained-glass window of fun Serge and Kidd a room
Let's go shopping Tweet tweet tweet TWEEET
Night time is the right time. Very... plant-like I'm taller
Just the two of us ...again ...and again
A birds nest It slices and dices Text goes here
Ready to fight Standing tall Magic effects
Wing-headed people Transparencies I see the light
Kidd attacks Kidd in the front Kidd leads
The town The bar Defend yourself
Lovely party Outside the dressing room. The dressing room
Where's Vicks and Wedge? Serge and Kidd The blacksmithy
Take the sword Open the cupboard You scare me
Blur On top Dodging/a>
Two on two Blinding light In front of a statue
Another nice view Waking people up Asking to wake people up
Overworld map Roadblock Dressing room fun
She has a face! Teal Land Shiiiing
No problem wading Makes you wanna cry Cry (x3)
Winghead Surrounded? Double team action
Serge in the spotlight Battle stance Um, ow.
Head, ow. Head, ow (x2) I'd live here
Walk on water? Standin' tall, lookin good No, walk through the water
Sunset (possible spoiler) Row your boat Running on deck
Adrienne! Open wide It's up!
It's down In a cave Moving on up
10.20.1999 Semi-New Screens Source: GIA
Chatting with Orlha Orlha, ready to fight Meeting LuckyDan
LuckyDan dances the night away Hail, Farga Farga strikes
Bancliff Bancliff in battle Enter Ishito
Firing a laser Little Leea Little Leea packs a punch
Steena shows up Steena lays the smack down Meet up with DragonChild
DragonChild strikes his foes Aliens do exist StarChild leaps
Fio slices and dices Talking to Fio  
10.20.1999 Trailer Movie Screens Source: GIA
A dragon flies overhead Large blue dragon Running along a tree
Battling a dragon Ready to strike Crossing the bridge
Yameneko looms above Serge draws his weapon Striking Zoah
A beam sails towards the planet Powerful explosion - 2 Large blast
Dragons! - 2 Eyes? Serge rides the wind
A laser is fired Close-up on a dragon An ominous castle
Serge charges foward In the jungle Encased in a bubble?
Huge looming dragon Encased in flames A peaceful view
A giant dragon Serge, in pain Tukuvomi smirks
A blue-haired child Flashback Hideous monster
Evil Serge?    
10.09.1999 New FMV Screens Source: GIA
Serge on a ship Close-up of Serge A bright beam
Close-up of Tukuvomi Yameneko Serge in the wind
10.09.1999 New Screens Source: GIA
Outside on a building Down on the docks At a bazaar
In a darkened room Slash in the shadows Pierre weilds his blade
Stopped at the gates A meeting Miki in battle
On the balcony Wading in a cave Tumalu attacks!
Trapped in a cage An odd pathway Wooden man?
The wooden man dances In a bedroom Lutramia in the lab
Kid in battle Fighting Tukuvomi Talking with Tukuvomi
Confronting Gvaoarun Hit by a powerful attack Prepared to fight
Gvaoarun attacks Fire attack - 2 Miki blows a kiss
In a garden - 2 Talking with an old man A burning house
In front of a machine Lovely Lucca Energy attack
Impaled An unusual creature More battling
Huge monster Tornado magic Flame magic
Water magic Tumalu! Punching a rabbit?
Attacking a bird A green beam A fierce looking wolf
The wolf howls In the market A fireball
Chatting with Karsh - 2 Kid wanders around  
10.06.1999 New Villians Source: Square
Gvaoarun Jyakoto Karsh
Lutramia Marcella Zoah
10.06.1999 New Allies Source: Square
Tumalu Korcha Miki
Pierre Slash  
10.06.1999 New Screens Source: Square
Tumalu in battle Miki attacks Serge fighting Zoah
09.15.1999 Assorted Screens Source: Square
In a forge Large bones... In a village
Serge surrounded by energy On a dock Fishing village ...
... the same in another reality A home in one world ... ... changes slightly in the next
An odd cave town - 2 - 3 - 4 A cheerful room ... ... and a darker reality
Even ownership changes ... ... between realities A humble abode in one ...
... is a palace in another Ruins to ... ... perfection
Even plant life ... ... changes a bit  
Dungeon Screen Shots
Entering the dungeon Running Just around the corner...
A mysterious crystal Pathways everywhere Encountering an enemy
Exploring An exit? No, just another area
Making our way through.. The crystal glows A surprise attack
Surrounded by light A higher area It's a long way down...
A door!    
Town Screen Shots
Serge's room Looking out the window A huge fish
The middle of the village A few huts Inside a home
In a bar of sorts Out on a dock  
World Map Screen Shots
The eastern area The central area The western area
Under cloud cover Near a peninsula  
Miscellaneous Cave Screen Shots
Treasure Being watched Getting outside
Unable to pass On a cliff  
Battle Screen Shots
Intricate battle scenes The enemy casts a spell Serge
Serge does damage Kid attacks Glenn
Glenn casts a spell A whirwind-leaf spell A hulking robot-like enemy
Serge and Glenn team up for a familiar attack Glenn attacks The attack from a distance
Serge casts a spell Kid attacks a bat Choose your attack strength
Kid casts a spell A fire spell Serge faces a fierce monster
A massive water attack A huge spider-like boss Serge cures himself
Glenn gets hit by an ice attack Facing strange enemies Serge strikes
More attacking An odd, almost lizard-like creature A loathsome fish
Our valiant heroes The huge mother lizard Attacking with a flaming ball spell
FMV Screen Shots
Serge faces a door A terrible scene (Spoiler) Kid (Spoiler)
A flash of light Serge flashes a smile Serge looks into the distance
The ocean Running Surrounded by others
A feline eye Serge stands; looks Engulfed by energy
Monstrous waves    
Preview Screen Shots
In a jungle Truding through a swamp A man in the tree
Walking along a path at night Inside a castle-like place Navigating the corridors
Twin moons light up the night In a library A strange looking thing...
A strangely floral area A snake-like monster attacks Running through a town
A bridge draped with blankets and lined with shops A fire in Lucca's house Familiar portraits
A chidlike drawing of Lucca Serge faces his rival A boat
Search climbs to the top of a cliff    
Miscellaneous Screen Shots
After a battle Demo credits The clock restarts...
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