Chrono Cross - Movies
CG Movies
The Intro 10,714 KB
Panning down a large stucture 3,494 KB
Remembering... what? *spoiler* 4,389 KB
An ocean of memories (and I'd start running) 6,003 KB
Here's lookin' at you, Kidd. 3,280 KB
Gameplay Movies
Whiffing it for the first time (battle scene) 5,913 KB
Fear the magic effects (battle scene) 5,851 KB
Two on one and still victorious (battle scene) 3,822 KB
Scaring things is friggin fun as hell-o kitty 1,755 KB
Heavy hitting battle (battle scene) 4,585 KB
Kidd busts some caps... yo (battle scene) 5,568 KB
Victory fanfare! (battle scene with obvious outcome) 1,864 KB
Kidd doing all the work (battle scene) 5,295 KB
If you had wings attached to your head, wouldn't it hurt to fly? (battle scene) 5,701 KB
10.20.1999 Trailer - Quicktime 4 Source: GIA
320x240 5.5 MB    
09.02.1999 Trailer - Quicktime 4 Source: Square
320x240 5.6 MB 240x180 4.2 MB 160x120 1.8 MB
A (sample) summon of sorts 4,375K
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