Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Screen Shots
The Catacombs More Catacombs The Library
Under the Librarian The Master Clock Another in the Clock
A Beautiful Full Moon The Lava Flows More lava flow action
The Marble Gallery The Abandoned Mine Outside of Cerebus's Lair
Further in the Mine The Castle Keep The Outer Wall
The Underground Resevoir Olrox's Room The Bones of a Myriad Dead
The Throne Room The Warp Room The Castle Watermain
The Anti-Chapel The Anti-Clock The Anti-Gallery
The Fearsome Guardian Keeper The Hellhound The Battle With the Dark Priest Shaft
The Fearsome Guardian Keeper The Hellhound The Battle With the Dark Priest Shaft
The Fearsome Guardian Keeper The Hellhound The Battle With the Dark Priest Shaft
Shaft is forming Shaft is attacking He's one bad...
Talking bout Shaft Alucard is just standing there The Final Showdown with Count Dracula
Here he comes I want a chair like that There can be only one
Fight, Fight Isn't this child abuse? Patricide never felt so good
The Bat Transformation The Bat Sonar The Mist Transformation
The Wolf Transformation    
The Bat Familiar The Demon Familiar The Fairy Familiar
The Ghost Famililar The Sword Famililar  
  Noctourne in the Moonlight Exclusive Areas  
The Cursed Prison In the Cursed Prison More Prison Action
The Underground Garden How exactly is it a garden? The Underground Garden's Fountain
The Underground Garden's Gazebo    
  Noctourne in the Moonlight Exclusive Enemies  
The Boss of the Underground Garden The Garden Fishes The Fly Trap
The Deranged gardener The Spooks Who Haunt the Cursed Prison Spooky
  Playing as Richter Belmont  
Richter Rides Atop his Horse Holy Cross Crossific
Richter Casts Hydro Storm Blame is on the Hydro Storm Lightening Rod
By the Power of Grey...    
  Playing as Maria Renard  
Maria on her Horse Will she make it? Dragon Punch!
Ice dragon The Dragon is done Invincibility
I am Invincible!/td> Phoenix Flame The Dragon Spell
  Other Miscellaneous Shots  
The Ending It's a cloudy day in Castlevania The Castle Crumbles
And it all falls down It's taking it a while to crumble Still crumbling
And it's done The Master Librarian The Subscreen
Noctourne in the Moonlight's Title Screen Noctourne in the Moonlight's Player Select Screen Symphony of the Night's Title Screen
Turned to Stone!>    
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