Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow - Screen Shots
01.18.2003 First Screens  
Tossing around stars Fighting a chimera Be wary of a kiss of death...
Swim time! Nothing like some old fashioned zombie killing Whipping out the sawblades
Status screen goodness Yep, we're definitely in the future now! Soul trade complete
Never thought you'd see a laser beam in Castlevania Transmittng the spirit... The moon rises in the background
Confirming a trade Title screen Preparing to link up
Checking the abilities of souls Save data selection Highlighting the Soul Trade
Setting up souls Equipping weapons Wanna pause?
Capturing a soul Facing off with a Merman A save room
Setting abilities Preparing for a headache... Is it a bat, or is it Dracula?
Leaping around Standing on water is quite impressive Soul data
Look out! A pack of mad crescents! Can't go wrong with the flaming skull Loading a game
Configuring the controls Fireball incoming! This is a screen you don't want to see
My...that's a big sword... Some kind of temple Dashing like mad!
It's the Monster Mash...    
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