Boktai2 - Screen Shots
07.06.2004 More Weapons, More Enemies Magic Box
Ooh, sparkly Something dangerous "Bring out your dead!"
Glowing green cube It's chemistry class all over again Synthing a vampire-killing weapon
Whew! You need a breath mint! Killing a bug with a hammer G'day, mate!
Something got vaporized Hmm, how do I get to that treasure chest? Creepy tombstones
Fear my red-hot pointy thing!
05.01.2004 First Look Magic Box
The true power of laser pointers I think the tower has some part in the story A weapons store!
Yay, smashy-smashy! Zombies and slimes, I bet Googleshng will like this game Aww, it wasn't a weapon store after all...
Slice the non-corporeal cloud in two! That one as well! Now the small weird black things
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