Breath of Fire V - Screen Shots
10.19.2002 Screens Galore  
KERPLOW! Surrounded! Shocking...
Intimidate the enemy Look at them turn and run! Slipping by
Good mushrooms... Take 'em on! The enemy is confused
"Bring it on!" Backup arrives Enemy explosions always indicate victory
Wacky creatures... ...who want to fight... ...and get their butts kicked!
"Die giant warthog!" Bringing in the allies Backstabbing
Frontstabbing Taking on a machine Magic always prevails over technology
Getting ready to... ...unleash a combo attack! Surprises in both directions
Boredom "May I help you sirs?" "Yes, I do believe RPGamer is the best RPG site in the world!"
Staring out through the window Wide-eyed Running into a depot
Chatting "You need me to buy feminine products for you again?!" Cornered
"Step aside!" BANG BANG! Charging up the gun
Waving the magical staff Sitting down on the job "Let us take over their pathetic civilization my insect underlings!"
This doesn't look good... What hurts more? The axe or the tusks? Run run!
"Freeze sucka!" Check the glowing red eyes "Heeelp meeee!"
09.19.2002 11 Screens Source: The Magicbox
Human shield? Look into my eyes... His hair better not turn blond
Copping a feel Yep...That's the ceiling Wielding a big sword
Zappy I got axe for you Speedy
Toasty! Megaman makes a cameo
08.15.2002 Even More Screens  
"Do you enjoy spelunking?" Looking very worried The machine spits out a metal capsule
"What a coincidence! I want to save the world too!" A little one eavesdrops Touring an industrial facility
A disgusting bird-creature DIE!!! They looked so cute as babies...
That is an army you don't want to mess with Breath of Fire V has many odd monsters Staring down a cyclops
06.18.2002 More Screens The Magic Box
Chatting with spiders Covered in blue light Trying to break the ice
Exploring a cave Are you alright? Machines behind the barrier
Strike against the torso! Pacing around Heading to meet with friends
05.27.2002 E3 Screens
Blue energy blast's a BOMB! Campfire tales
Nice refreshing swim Dead guy in the darkness Spider thingies
Fire. I like fire. Freaky looking dudes. And what would you like to buy?
Celestial Lights Whammo! *big flash of light* That wouldn't be gas, would it?
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