Breath of Fire V: Dragon's Quarter - News
·Capcom Makes It Official for Next Breath of Fire 11.12.2002  
·Breath of Fire V Soundtrack Release Info 10.31.2002  
·New Scenario Overlay Goodness 10.22.2002  
·Third Breath of Fire V Character Introduced 09.22.2002  
·Capcom Lifts Fog Surrounding Breath of Fire V Release Dates; Top Musicians To Collaborate On Soundtrack 09.17.2002  
·Capcom Pins Down Breath of Fire V Release Some 08.26.2002  
·Breath of Fire: Dragon's Quarter Tidbits 08.06.2002  
·Capcom Thrills, Excites With Jazzy Subtitle For Breath of Fire V 08.04.2002  
·Breath of Fire V Tidbits 06.17.2002  
·Breath of Fire V Details 06.01.2002  
·Breath of Fire V Announced 05.22.2002  
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