Breath of Fire II - Screen Shots
01.29.2004 Super Nintendo Screens
Come back here and say that! New Game, slot two nothing Insert name here
Remember to wake up Good old title screen Shrimp is used for fishing
Laugh at the funny looking camel It's the thing Water cures all
Trying out for a part in a Lord Of the Rings movie And what a fine treepole it is Must be a flashback
Watching the butterflies Feels like plot Man's best friend that what I think it is? Oh, it was just a monster Odd thing to say
What do you mean there isn't a "dance" attack? Peddle your wares You'll forgive him, right?
What did he bump into? Rule 1 of RPG's: You can enter any house and rob them blind. Sneaking around
Main character stats Recover 40 HP Equip the etc.
With a salad bowl as a helmet and a Tree Pole as a weapon.... Start talking faster Spoils of war
As opposed to fire water Cockroach problem Boil suzy in water
Oink! Speaking in tongues A good sleep wile cure all
Dreams Time for fishing! Casting power
Patience is a virtue Thats what scalpers are for Living in a public washroom
Father Savepoint Self absorbed Good thing he's too far from you to hit you
Gondola 20 questions in a dungeon +4 to luck
Time to die In the spotlight
05.17.2002 More GBA Screens
Oh, the choices More than likely The same goes for the rest of the world
Menu screen Ryu's stats Battle menu
Winding up to attack After-battle winnings  
02.19.2002 GBA Screens
Electrifying Battle Shot Nice Wings You Got There
Come, warm yourselves by the fire    
07.10.2001 GBA Screens
It's looking at you Outside the dragon's head Talking in town
At a shop On the world map Spring of life
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