Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana 2 - Screen Shots
04.30.2005 A Ton of Screens
A shirt Rainbow drink Fighting a bird
Killing a bird A glove Empty chest
A kid in a shop Mana cards More mana cards
Nun outfit Globe More fun with globes
Item creation Alchemy test-tube This menu is heavy
Nap time Weapon creation More creation
Even more creation Almost done Bingo
Flying cards Life Mana Stone Mana
Earth Mana Light Mana Water Mana
Dark Mana Air Mana Fire Mana
Red Dark Mana Mana Chat A Mana singing a song
Lonely Mana Some Guy Almost empty
Huge Mana-like thing World Map Running through the trees
Main menu Chatting with Chaos Slash!
Fighting some...things Evil clown busting Fighting monsters with huge weapons
Weird weapon Burn them all Whoa
Battle menu Body slam World Map again
20 hit chain 2 hits seem weak after that 10 hit chain
Shiny! Making a...thing Boom!
Sleeping on the job A ghost? Another random object
Status screen Alchemy test-tube set Pow!
That looks really cool A nun? Good or bad people?
The meaning of life
03.24.2005 Second Look
Small girl in the big city Touché Enter Popo, excavation master
Flame sabre attack Hitting girls isn't good Oil my hinges, boy
What lies beyond the door? Welcome to the desert Pretty heart-shaped rainbow attack
Preparing sushi Now only to find my mummy Mana Earth returns
She's rather royal The latest creation is done Meeting the locals
Riding the golden goose Hey, no burglars allowed Care to take her on again?
That's just disturbing One happenin' dude Popo has something up his sleeve
It's Thanksgiving already? Gathering at the gate The save screen
A rather green forest
02.05.2005 First Look Magic Box
Cuteness Ahoy! Magic Golem I have a potion stuck to my butt. Please help.
More cute stuff Language barrier La La La
Armored Chocobo? Brake Get some to the face
I am the card mistress That mushroom looks so wrong Many cannons
Get in here Chain damage Pirate treasure
Hey, those aren't bread crumbs We all have the red eye Weeee
No thank you Yes sir Books are for suckers..
and TV is twice as fast Yeah, yeah
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