Asheron's Call 2 - Screen Shots
12.05.2002 Lots of Screens
A run-of-the-mill cavern "Where can I find someone to bash in the skull?" Enjoying the comforts of a warm and cozy cave
Looking up...and up...and up... Slayed New Feature: Farming Simulator
You get the feeling the humans are quite small... Wow, what pretty water! A late afternoon stroll
Waking up the local wildlife "You lookin' at me?" MAN DOWN!
Night fishing Don't get too close to the camerman now... Enthralled by the beautiful night sky
Standing perilously close to a cliff Realizing the danger, the female character takes a few steps back Midnight marathon
Nary another human in sight A few ugly beasts Crystal fountain
Even the towns are devoid of human (even non-human) presence Anyone want to pick a fight with her? A few giants taking a swim
Looking heroic Not your garden variety wasp Sneaking through under the cover of dark
Continuing the infiltration Taking cover behind...grass "I wonder how long I can stand like this?"
Zoomed out Now the village looks somewhat bustling A lonely adventurer
Ahead awaits your destiny Wow, another screen of just plain walking Hisssssssssssss
Rather bushwhacked... "Do you see what I see?" Supernova!
A temple scene Rats! You have to bet that doesn't smell very nice
Flying through the vortex Apparently solving a puzzle Pretty lens flare
Observe the modern marvel know as FIRE! A castle looms in the distance Rather electrifying
Proceed with care "Please don't slice me and dice me!" "Do you want to hear a scary ghost story?"
Foggy Practicing for 'Battle of the Bands' later in the game Chattering
You wouldn't want to end up like them... Brawn over brains Now we're getting magical
A bit too late to scavenge Holding a big pike Standing in the snow
Massive armored creatures "Let's go skinny dipping!" A small village...with a big tower
Checking the street sign Twin towers in the background Traversing the path
It's going to get cold... SLICE! Be careful or you'll put it's eye out
Another dragon about to be slayed Light shines down on the monolith "Come towards the light."
The sun is blocking the view! Crossing a bridge "Good work, you pissed it off..."
Watch out for those claws Don't mess with a magical staff The Vorous Shreth doesn't stand a chance
It's a corkscrew path Firey sword Gazing towards town
"Woo hoo! We're eating MEAT tonight!" Exploring sacred ground A ground camera
Striking shadows A lonely cycloptic creature Dinner time...
Well armed Underground melee "How about we dance instead of fight?"
A great look at the interface Now HERE is a good skull bashing! Who will win?
Almost looks like a stegosaurus "I float, have claws, glowing eyes, and am dark. Therefore I'm evil." Are six arms enough?
He's a hit with all the ladies This is what happens when that furry little pet grows up Another of many confrontations
Crowded More idle standing Beautiful scenery
"Don't worry, I'll protect you." Observing a dam "Prepare to die!"
Dealing damage Looking over the shoulder Better turn and flee...
Checking the swag on the table Where is the rest of the body? It's a party!
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