Asheron's Call 2 - Artwork
12.05.2002 Lots of Artwork
Auroch Guardian Banderling Art Banderling Render Beatles, erm, Beetles Several bows
Run down facade Various conceptual art A Crone
Happy Darken Fowls You don't want to mess with it Some Drudge artwork
Darken Fowl drawings A Gear Knight with its eccentric pilot Hiss...
"You can shoot an arrow through my heart anytime babe!" A human perpares for the crucifix Typical human cottage
A female human The Human Life Stone And now a male human
Kegger time! The land of Dereth And a slightly different version of Dereth
The Lugians too?! My what a big axe you have! The Lugian Life Stone
A Lugian in a battle pose Switching to swords Had enough Lugian yet?
Concept art of a basic mine and well Mite concept artwork A render of a Moarsman
Moarsman drawing A Monougas Now in rendered form
Mosswart concept art The Niffis Oink Oink!
The bacon has been rendered Clutching a trident Rat-men
Some Redshark conceptual art Redshark drawing The Tumeroks look surprised
Gulp...Shadow Mystic... The Shreth A Siraluun
Snakeyness Spikeyness Various Lugian swords
A Thronling Tumerok render Some Tumerok drums
A Tumerok Alchemist Building The Tumerok Life Stone The Tumerok Meting Fire
Tumeroks: big bad asses Tusker concept art Lunch time!
The dragon signals a touchdown An irritated tyrant dragon Don't get bashed with the club
The Voodoo-like Virindi A Virindi Master Large wasps
Weapons galore A Zefir  
03.06.2002 Creepy Creatures
Crone Monougas Reedshark
Thornling Tumerok Drums Tyrant (to scale)
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