- Screen Shots
01.29.2003 A few more screen shots  
Don't get too close This could be bad Hey, look its Big Bird
Face off! Before morphing After morphing
That's one odd looking fish Is that fish flying? Look what we caught
Ahh, isn't it cute Can we keep it? We're looking for a turtle?
Thats a BIG turtle Don't touch the suit It's Piasters ship
We're bad to the bone Time to organize I wonder what that is?
A group of three    
10.08.2002 A small cluster of big shots  
It's a magical beanstalk!...or not. Can we even fly that high? Looking down... waaay down.
Toasted! They -have- to be evil. Her hair's so... melodramatic!
Steel nipples?! A sky temple of somesort.
08.18.2002 GameCube Screens  
Curious as to how she spikes her hair Brandishing a scythe A wicked attack
Powering up for a slash Floating ships An air armada
The ladder to heaven A battle on the deck Magic energy surrounds her
ZAP! Status screen A ship surrounded in a green energy field
An airship port The ship explodes Is this a Pokémon cameo?
Don't mess with the Jolly Green Giant A futuristic RPG staple: The Giant Laser Cannon Running across a drawbridge
"Get outta the way!" Waving at an airship Now, merely observing an airship
At the helm Better than any rollercoaster ride "Did you see me flying like an ace back there?"
She clenches her fist Now we have a Pippi Longstocking look-alike "Oh man, there's that Giant Laser Cannon!"
Wow, the moon is about to explode! A floating city The heavens bellow
Waterfalls dot the village Roaming the streets at night Trekking through a frozen landscape
Ready to engage in slicing and dicing    
10.28.2000 Screenshot Madness Source: IGN
Two airships Preparing for air battle Vyse & co. looking serious
Airship in the distance Baltor, captain of the Blackbeard Guess what happens next
Crossing a bridge in town Crossing a bridge in-- wait a sec Angry guy
Nice scenery Air battle in progress Black cannon
Floating rock field Gizmoboy Selling items
She's Polly's daughter Baltor is ticked Someone just had to have a parrot
Aika's here! Navigating a narrow chasm Awww, how cute!
Ship equipment Multi-shot of the Blackbeard Party of three
Nice pad Rogues gallery Vyse at the helm
Now THAT'S a battleship Baltor and badly dressed villians Four women
It's all about attitude Vyse and Aika dancing Victory!
Evil blonde-guy Alfonso Vyse, night watchman Does rope have other uses?
Enigmatic Vyse Recieved Sacri Crystal 1! Dark room
Nice pose Now THAT'S a battleship II Vyse in combat
Dang Aika in combat Thunder of Fury
Aika casting magic Don't fall off, now Cutlass fury in action
Back of Vyse's head Town Flying over town
Smiling kids Town again Fina seems distracted
Typical heroic sailor pose The loot Vyse and Aika talk to Fina
Pole climbing Approacing ruins Land ho!
Man + pink = EVIL! Vyse attacks Scaling a ladder
A little... too close Surprise! Baltor's spyglass
Air combat: make a choice    
10.28.2000 Demo Screens  
Don't Forget About Aika Aika and Fina Big Bad Antonio
Choose Your Enemy Attack The Pirate ship Black Beard
Valua Battleship Crashed Ship Demo Menu
Lookit all the pretty clouds Vyse's Cutlass Fury So much for Antonio
Sand everywhere Direct Attack Distance Attack
End of Demo Section 1 Enemy Healing Fire Cannons!
Fire tubes 1 and 2! Flying around Focusing Energy
It's like spring in Chicago Or maybe the Perfect Storm? Valua Fortress
Need a Mint? Try to avoid this And this too
You hit my Battleship! This guy is out of luck. Lambda Burst!
This is gonna hurt Level up screen Another Levelup Screen
A third Levelup Screen Last one, I promise Demo's Logo
Purple Moon Prepare to Fire Vyse's Rain of Swords
Fina's Sacri spell Plan the attack Raise Shields
Look, it's Googleshng! Slime Boss Attacks Alas, poor slime, I knew him well
George Lucas was here Sunset Tackle! Hug! KooshKoosh
Aika's so Happy Man overboard! Vyse's Hometown
Battle on the Train Big Treasure Chest Prepare to be boarded!
Vyse, of the Blue Rogues Strolling about town More Strolling
Hey, is that Moby Dick? No, he's the wrong color He's still got a big mouth
Little Jack's Wing Zooming In  
09.08.2000 Son of Screens Core Magazine
This isn't Hoth, but... Flying transports Arabian Palace
Oasis town Another Wampa relative? Monolithic guards
Majestic ship Conversation  
07.21.2000 More Screens
A castle A strange machine In midair
Group shot Docking A map
Riverside view BIG robot  
06.08.2000 E3 Screens
Some sort of horned beast A shot of the hero Battling airships
Old guy with a mechanical arm Purple magic attack Evil looking person
Another spell being cast Two connected air ships Hero by come cannons
Aliens on deck? Surrounded by little green men He's not worried
And neither is she. Back to back ready for battle Man holding a pistol
Ready to kick butt A flying fish A flying armada
05.14.2000 New Aerial Screens Source:Core Magazine
Moltres, I choose you! Fire in the hole! Ship profile
Not a good guy. Prelude to battle Big guns
Is that a cloud? Bigger gun Bird
04.26.2000 New Battle-Oriented Scenes    
Fire Dragon Falling Group Gathering
3 Way Conversation Within a Town Long Way Up
High Sky Sailing Low Sky Sailing Ahoy! Rocks Ahead!
He Missed! A Fishy Boss Fire in the Hole?
A Blast of Energy Rising Golden Energy Gathering the Energy
Powering For a Technique? Jumping High Calling Upon Powers
Choose your own adventure A Frosty Boss Casting a Fire Spell
*burp* Flames *Bzzap!*
Preparing to Strike        
01.14.2000 Mixed Bag Source: IGN
The DC emulates ovens Now THAT has to hurt Half full?
WDeoderant-40 I fear I fear Look ma, no fins!
Look ma, a huge fin! "I can make it..." Avast ye swa... HELLO. =D
The Quest of the Missing Hands Seagull-eye view Not much for support
Definately not much for support Yeah, definately where'd I'd be Grandia mini-game!
Talk to the hand, ma. I'm outtie. "Talk to the... hand?" I give up on the physics engine
Choose your own adventure Mmm... doggie. "A missing... hand?"
Another way in Talk aboot a large town Heights? Psh.
"We're here to loot the village." "...or crash into it. Either way." The cloud effects are spectacular
"I... have much to live for!." Fear da cannons "Sorry, no hand sir."
Amazing graphics Faster than a locowhat? Watch for falling rocks
Under da houze Get em OFF! Getting closer
"The Handman is coming." It was half empty...
01.05.2000 More New Screens Source: Core Magazine
The whole fleet! The king awaits A large building
An incoming train Preparing for battle Flying through the air
Overview of town The throne room Small living quarters
The ship has docked Leaving the island An item shop?
Overlooking his ship Meeting in the war room A young woman
Standing guard A conversation A scenic view of town
Watching the sky Is that town below?! Do you see that?
An industrial town Town at night A great view
10.15.1999 New Screens Source: Magixbox
A very powerful attack Close-up of Fina An electric attack
Ready to go! Laser attack Take THAT!
A bright beam is shot...    
09.18.1999 TGS' 99 Screens Source: GameSpot
Crossing a metal bridge Airship - 2 Explosive attack
Running down a walkway Laser attack?  
08.27.1999 Eternal Arcadia  
Island Scene Ship - 2 - 3 - 4 Talking to a kid
Walking in a town    
08.27.1999 Eternal Arcadia Source: VGN
Forest Scene Looking at a Castle in the Distance Pagoda
Building Structure Town/Water Cascade Flying City
Desert - 2 Boss? Spell Cast
Worlds/Places of Eternal Arcadia
Flying Ship Flying Ship #2 Walking Around
Fire/Lava Scene Fire/Lava Scene #2  
Battle Scenes
Spell Casting    
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