Arc the Lad: End of Darkness - Screen Shots
03.25.2005 New Arc the Lad Screens -
The Day The North Pole Went Mad
Try as he might, Foreman Steve couldn't get the toy-producing machine working again... The Golems, who had long been slaves to the elves, took the opportuniy to revolt Next the Barbies turned evil, and the elves were forced to utilize magic to subdue the enraged dolls
The Atkins Diet finally got to Santa, and he began attacking and eating everything in sight Soon the reindeer began transforming into hideous beasts, which had to be destroyed All the pet puppies began twisting into grotesque, misshapen entities...
...And the birds lost all sense of reason Even the Christmas trees began springing to life and annihilating everything within their reach The elves working in the furnace room took it upon themselves to become the North Pole's saviors...
...And were soon organized enough to don military uniforms and take on baddies wielding explosives
11.20.2004 More Beautifully 3D Screens ITmedia
What's this about destruction? Something about monsters... The fox and the hay were plotting all along!
Those blue turkeys hate the ice Cards on the map? Pondering the shiny green thing
Yes, please do take the mask off Where have I seen that guy before? Shooting magical stars of pain
Lightning and fire! Fun at the card shop Menus? In an RPG?
Battle! Giant blue turkeys attack! Sweet lighting effects
A ship in the sky A sprawling, floating town Genuine prettiness
Mishievous little gnome plots havok They're saying something about hunters An intellectual!
Pleasant smile Unpleasant distaste Group therapy
07.22.2004 Beautiful Thought-Provoking Screens The Magicbox
Wow, he's kinda cute Whatcha thinkin' about? Contemplating on a beach
Kilika looks mad Now she looks sad And now she seems to be thinking
Edda and his staff
06.27.2004 First Look The Magicbox
That's a big ole' noggin there Reading a book Having a conversation
Conversation #2 A battle Special attack?
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