Arc the Lad Collection - Monster Arena
11.08.2001 A Second Look  
Choose your Arena representative Visit Iga's Dojo for guidance Best of 3
Relax between battles at Shante's Theatre Listen to Shante perform a soothing jazz number Visit the smith shop to upgrade or create entirely new weapons, armor, and items
In 2-player mode, Elc will take care of trading weapons and items While Lieza will handle the trade of monsters Sometimes Lieza's pets get a little unruly
Diekbeck can distribute experience between your party Choosing how much to give How about all of it!
Visiting Mother Claire Select the monster Add an ability
Chongara might stretch the truth about the cost, but has many useful things to sell By now, this should go without saying! Welcome to the Pit of Despair
Knocking on Hell's Gate Not all fields are created equal Many monsters suffer from flaming halitosis
You're a winner! You have no right! Just one more!
Poco's Atrophy Horn blasts distant beasts Orchestra Hit damages any enemies within earshot Diekbeck spews flames across the playing field
Shu prepares to pull out the big guns You must see Kukuro to register for battle Preview eight of your twelve opponents in each arena stage
Gain some insight Build your team Yagun gives players a friendly pep talk
Don't forget to claim your prize after each victory This doesn't sound good Confined battle areas make for good leveling up
06.29.2000 New screens  
Elc on stage Elc on stage fighting zombie Sleepy Poco
Old armored guards Block-filled room Pet shop?
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