Arc the Lad Collection - Chapter Three
11.08.2001 Third Screens  
The island of Eteru The Village of Sasha is located on the island I come in peace
No problem You did good kid Now to collect your reward
Lets get a job! Protect the plants! Off to Itio
Who's going to pay for the supplies? Uh... that would be YOU Cash advance
The wanted slime Hmm... prior restraint We need these things
One vigor seed coming right up! A handy spell for Hunter's assistants Casting Knife Rain
I wish it were only raining cats and dogs... Lutz looks toward Forestamore on his first ocean voyage Forestamore is a huge, lush continent
Stay perfectly still I wish to be a Cardist Then prove yourself
Woh! Flash! Theo learned Cardish!
You can turn monsters into Monster Cards with Theo's Cardish Casting Cardish Botched
Who do you want to summon today? Which card will you use? Bouncy fur balls
Lets cure people The Force Ring inflicts damage And can confuse the enemies
The continent of Sularto has not fared well since the Great Disaster Gislem is a depressed town in North Sularto You're emaciated
Huddling around the fire    
06.29.2000 New screens  
Angry dragon Seagulls on overworld Nice overworld water effect
Fire magic Healing magic ... some other magic
Dragon's breath Sandstorm Undead
Big energy blast Burn! That's gotta hurt
Water magic What's up with it's eye? Icy dragon breath
Velhart places the smackdown Velhart closeup Velhart in a scrape
More Velhart Masia casting some magic Alec's descent
01.27.2000 First screens
Title screens An impressive attack It's a summon!
Fighting dragons Strong storm CG birds on a branch
Shocking! A duel! Calm day on the seas
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