Arc the Lad Collection - Chapter One
03.04.2001 Preview screens  
Start screen The mayor speaks "I wish..."
Approaching the flame Arc's determination What really happened?
Mountain Guardian Slime on the move The Secret Clan
"I must go..." Where do we go next? The King
Abilities Drummer boy To the victor, goes the spoils
Let's save Kicking butt Back at the castle door
A history lesson Kururu's duty Helpful advice
Airship travel Now where? A challenge
Oldtimer Gruesome prediction Swarm of undead
Gained a level! Lava burst Ominous flattery
Big train Foxy lady  
06.29.2000 New screens  
Leigon of slimes Mana goddess? Merchant
Castle and... big mechanical thing Play that funky music More music
Nice office Shocking! Prisoner
Mini-obelisk Moon magic Spiffy wind magic
Fighting slime    
01.27.2000 First screens
Detailed room Methinks it's a boss Casting a healing spell
Large building Jumping into the ship Blizzard!
A special attack? The castle looms Tornados, too!
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