Anarchy Online - Screen Shots
09.26.2003 Shadowland Screens
Attacked from above In the darkness Nice suit
A sea of darkness A hole in the sky? Need to get there
So much darkness
04.22.2001 Chaotic pics of Anarchy  
Hovercars, some of which hover Sand and Satellite Dish More Dish and Sand
What're you lookin' at? I'll teach that distant celestial object a lesson...! This guy's elbow must get tired
The tower, it's going to fall! My head is out of scale It's revealing when your name floats above you
The arrow points the other way! Sisyphus finally got that rock there Yeah, follow the white arrow, that's it
Old man and more hovercars Don't shoot, I'm unarmed! *sniff* Fresh as a summer's day!
Small head man returns! I think that wall is suspicious too Are you the psychologist that got my head?
Must find monsters... I'm ready for battle! Wanna fight, sand dune? Well, punk?!
We're doing this the hard way, Mr. Anderson Aha! Strange flying things! Arrow, arrow, to whom dost thou point
Nice shoulderpads, hon Weird way to hold a gun Small head man's father!
Look, my head is just like those rocks Gimme five, bay-bee! The next performance of Cabaret will begin at..
Is my head just pasted on or what? So then, the rabbi says to the buddhist monk... Varied foliage
C'mon, jump! Small head clan's merchant YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND OR ELSE
My armor is the color of blood! One million bats sleep here, whaddaya expect I wish I were.. big.
Let's hide behind the scenery! Furniture, whee Hey there street light, whatcha knowin'?
Missing link! I have something pointy! Ooh, Kryptonite
Nighttime in the world of Anarchy Where're the smallheaded armed guys when you need 'em? Look, a white bar
The white bar shall lead us to freedom! I'd follow this white bar anywhere... Fear my mace or umbrella!
Bingo Drink, for the thirsty elderly in all of us Beware the green rings of jealousy I am Galstaff, sorcerer of light!
Go get 'er, John Enter here to pick up cute baboons My mother was a baboon!
So, am I some kind of zombie? Aim for the legs! I'm getting mixed signals here
Gloomy forest ahead Now that's some tattoo Aha! Lightning-back man!
Walking near some trees Of course it's safe to sit down here My pointy stick shall protect me!
HADOUKEN Take back what you said about my mother! I'll get it with blue light! That kills snakes!
My favorite reading spot Tee hee hee She's simply beaming!
In this scene, you play a skeleton that can't move Anybody got a lighter? If you want to learn how to dance, stop trying to eat me
The tomb has eyes! Lighted buildings It's your turn to deal
That's a giant sun Nice viewpoint angle <cuts to intermission>
I can't live without my Corn Pops! Beware my photoluminescence! Some random people
Look over there! Some trees He wouldn't hurt a fly
I have a dinner plate! You fight, I'll sit here with my arrow  
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