Alundra 2 - Screen Shots
02.10.2000 More Screens
"Nooo! Get away!" A small explosion He has a tough climb
"Look out below!" It's catwoman! Where are they falling to?
Ready for battle An odd looking robot... That's one large whale
01.19.2000 New Screens
Taking a lava bath Nice bridge... A block puzzle
Very occupied room Can he breathe there? Get the chest!
A sunken ship Big-mouth shark Golem..of some sort
This could hurt Is it a boss? The devastating attack
Mini-game, of sorts Another mini-game? Mine carts are fun
01.12.2000 First North American Screens  
Spikey maze Surrounded... or a puzzle? Exploring underwater
Atop a dragon Minigame: Boulder Dash Woah. A new boss
10.28.1999 New Screens Source: Magicbox
Follow the path Swim a little faster A giant creature
Water Seilene The Wind Faerie  
09.22.1999 More Screens Source: Gamespot
Boxing match Attacking a box Through a factory
A fight    
09.11.1999 First Screens Source: Magicbox
Forest path Lava jumping Approaching a small building
Screenshot Collage - 2    
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