Alundra - Screen Shots
Revised 04.03.04 Assorted screenies.
Alundra casts a spell. Land-ho, matey! A rather tricky puzzle.
Fighting a boss. Defeating a boss. Melzes looks at you menacingly.
Jumping from place to place. Casting that spell again. "Let's solve this puzzle together!"
A large, tough boss. Alundra reflects on the boat. Sword swipe.
An enemy approaches. A castle sinks into the water. A fiery dragon.
A big scary demon. Meia, a dreamwalker like Alundra. Alundra is irresistable to the ladies.
Alundra is suprised. A fearsome monster. Sit and reflect.
He's much bigger than he looks. A suave smile. Alundra smashes an enemy.
Alundra and Meia find shelter from the rain. A statue sinks. A wolf-man.
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