Neverwinter Nights - Screen Shots
01.31.2004 Blast of Screen Shots
A walk along the lakeside. In the darkness he sunk. From day, to night.
It'll destroy them all. Aren't you hot? Watch out for those claws.
Hello Deekin. Deekin out and about. Deekin talks with the local merchant.
Leaving town. In some spooky cave. Don't fall too deep.
You are so dead. What kind of town is this? Nobody for Deekin to talk too.
What kind of dance is that? Lost Sneaky Deekin.
Looks pretty deep. I warned you. Reading? Kobolds can read?
This doesn't look natural. Sneaking around again. Stampede.
This should take more then an eternity. Everyone is dead. Eyeballs everywhere.
Mm Jello. Unexpected guests. Darn Beholders, they always want to have fun.
Empty streets. Giants. Champion of all.
Too easy. I want that sword. Dragon Disciple get's serious.
Darn demons, just die! "I want the green dragon today." Mighty Dwarf.
No challenge to this little guy. Swing and a... Look at all the blue.
No need for weapons. Exploring. Shifter... shifting
Weapon Master gets ready. Watch out, she blows. It'll have a good meal.
Day to night... again. Not a wise decision.
10.02.2003 More Yummy Underdark screens, including two new prestige classes!
Why me? We wanna play too You're attacking me with a torch?
I really took a wrong turn... Shifter class The scary green light spell
The weapon master The weapon master struts his stuff Demonflesh
Mithral Golem
08.29.2003 First Screens for Hordes of Underdark
The Beholder in action Conquering Driders Camouflaging is trivial
Poor guy's surrounded Incantation, then retreat Never travel alone
Deep within the exterior Great view from up here And the heavens rained upon thee
Synergy spell casting Hypnotism at it's best "Why do I enjoy adventuring?"
Marketplace brawl
02.08.2003 First Screens for Shadows of Undrentide
If I keep going north I should be ok Maybe I should have gone south Lost again
Hahaha, Take this! I'll squash these ants with my oversize shoe BURN!... That didn't work?
I hope whatever this is will help me Lets see if you can live from this spell Are you getting a nice tan?
*Splash Splash* I'm getting sick of you all Take this!
.... I wasn't aiming for that one He looks like me No more ants here
Light reign down on thee Long distance relationships suck This staff doesn't stab very good
I've heard of golf ball sized hail, but this?
07.20.2002 In game screens Gamespot
Your first quest Spectral melee Popular tailor
Strange altar Trapped in a game Oddly industrial
Suspicious damsel A good match Only a precise hit...
Companionship Bullies How it's really done
Party crashers In the stables Don't get angry
Oh no, the fuzz But a scratch Medical breakthrough
Roleplaying A scoundrel Came at a bad time
Finally a dragon Smart move The monster mash
Demonic demands Excellent description Horrid portal
Fishy Tense conversation Fierce dwarf
You're a farce Plot twist Critical hit
Attempting to resist Feeble guard A little forward
Sneaky devil Impressive spell Small battle
True outcast Speaking dragon A little one
And there was light Dangerous gamble Necromancy
Hostile host Elevator Salesman at heart
Complimental Slacker Red or dead
The fifth element Name 2 Cloaked and stealthy
Dark streets Skeletor Talkative statue
Polite captive Rude captive Who's foolish?
Name 1 Hexagon bridge Flake
Magiceye Mystical illustion On trial
Armoured orc Rowdy little guy Groovy troll
Use a key Big words Scary bridge
12.29.2001 Lots o' screens (part 1)
Perhaps it would be better to talk indoors Giant creepy spiders Blue and white fireball
Standoff on the dais Camping out Stairway battle
Amidst the trash What's wrong, McFly? You...chicken? Armor equip
They're gonna ruin the crops Getting all wet Electrifying
Fire and steel Shut yer hole, woman! Because nobody visits the cemetery during the day
Town meeting A delightful-looking fellow What an odd blue man
12.29.2001 Lots o' screens (part 2)
Runic Magic at the base of a tree Rising fireball
Don't fall in the lava A large smithy Strange elevator
Laser light show Again with the giant spiders Pillar of lightning
7-on-1 Is that an altar? Still more fighting
Wolf pack Light from below Hmm, someone's been here before us
Light from above Who would leave that just lying around? Hidden coffin
Eerily glowing sword Locked in Locked out
Ruined tower Lost in the forest at night Campfire
Fenced in On the edge At the market
Attacked in the graveyard Attacked on the road Attacked in the town
Fighting on the coffin Where's a boat when you need it? Bridge over sewege water
Empty town They just keep getting bigger Hey, this isn't my house!
11.14.2001 Large Screens
Look! I can wave my weapon around! My shadow looks more menacing than myself! Is that a Torch +1?
A level 4 Coward Green spiders, blue light Nice scenery! And... uh... nice monster!
An entrance. And lots of moss. Water What a cute obelisk!
Our great heroes steal the town's crops. My sword is bigger than yours!
11.25.2000 More Screens
Group exploration Running down a trail In a dungeon
Minotaurs vs trolls Same battle, different angle  
5.15.1999 E3 Source: Interplay
Amazing lighting Equipment system Wandering through town
Encountering others A torchlit hall Running through a hall
Dual wield? You bet. Town at night Yup, it's a dead one
10.20.1999 First Look Source: BioWare
Entering a bar Traversing into town A warrior enters
Glancing around town Strolling in a dungeon A huge arachne
A rural town Exploring catacombs Island hop
Unleashing a spell    
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