Icewind Dale II - Screen Shots
06.05.2004 Retrospective Screens
Dragon Battle Making Paper Magically Dwarves, Skeletons, and a Tornado
More Snow Combat I See Dead People A Giant with Spiders?
They Have Balls Magic Lizards Someone's Casting Chaos
Fire! Fire! English, plzkthnx!
07.05.2002 Interface Screens
A melee on the snowfields Character generation screen "Let's kill those pathetic humans..."
Spell selection screen Class selection screen Another spell selection screen
Fighting in a cave Title screen during daytime Title screen during nighttime
03.23.2002 First screens
Aiiie! Giant dragons! Fighting some big bullies Fireballs and lightning
Oh, shut up. Pretty colors! Mushroom dungeons
Now, what kind of face is that? Troll attack Another large battle
Shooting rings Isn't it hot in there? I wonder what that lever does?
Magic missile madness Yemen who?
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