Icewind Dale - Screen Shots
06.14.2000 New Screens Source: IGN Vault
Orc fight Troll fight Fire vs. Cold
Treasure hunt Tundra yeti Yuan-ti
Shadow attackers Shadowed orc The undead
More undead Massive spellfire Attacking Ghouls
Dying wights Snow Trolls More tundra yeti
5.15.2000 E3
Goblin fight Huge library Giant battle
Dead giants :) Two heads might not be enough... They're not doing too hot...
Magical attack Torchlit chamber Lizard meat!
05.07.2000 Assorted Screens Source: Daily Radar 
Skeleton attack! Sleep spell Pretty lights
The party gains exp. Pretty destructive Cursed Skeletons
Heeeere leeeezard leeeeezard... Uh.. Oh.. I think I need a bigger box Silence
Nobody likes Poison Zombies Neon fighters! More lizards equals more trouble
Didn't get very far, did we? Fire! Fire! Hee hee Cool battle scenary
Spida' web madness!    
04.25.2000 More Assorted Screens
Big battle Drow discrimination Fire!
12.22.1999 Even More Assorted Screens Source: IGN 
Fall down go boom Dark environments... ...and cool lighting effects
Tomb raider? A flashlight would be nice Here come the Men in B... whatever
Heroes, party of 6 Duh... where'd my shadow go? Odds are against. Bid?
I'd run right aboot now Almost as tall as me It's always 2 to 1, huh?
Chick must be cold    
11.17.1999 Animated Monsters  
Cyclops Goblin Lizard Man
11.07.1999 First Look Source: Gamefan 
A giant lies ahead When lizards attack Exploring a dungeon
A strange crypt A shrine? Attack of the giant beetles
Entering a cave Giant!  
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