Greyhawk: The Temple of Elemental Evil - Screen Shots
10.01.2003 Official Screens
Lightning strikes Lots of zapping The zaptermath
Witness the radiance of Pelor! Cathedral-y That fire doesn't look so friendly
"The carpet is hot lava." Looking for dinner? Movement line
Salamander shuffle Sword cursor The green twirls towards freedom
Arcs of electricity It's a neat little triangle Reminiscent of a lawn sprinkler
Area of effect I don't think those sparkles hurt too much It doesn't look happy
Lot of electricity damage going on Slithering strike Radial menus are all the rage
Bit crowded in here ... But what good will rotating them do? Eyes of doom
Pretty purple ring Bit on the bright side Fire!
Hulking menace The Man in Black's signature Again with the lava
Fire on ice A little interior decorating Piles of bones
Braziers galore A flying menace Sniping through a doorway
Cube! Run! Behold thy death That one on the end looks awfully cheerful
That guy really likes pink That's spooky Locked in combat
Fighting in the shadows Doesn't look too friendly He isn't a 2/2 creature?
Looks like he got smacked up a bit Keeping the party healthy Succumbing to pyromania
A bit out of range Aquatic adversaries More snake action
It turns red when cooked Beating on serpents Cooking a little dinner
Looks like the top bar's pretty full Blue! Packing in a few targets
Medic! On the docks Saving throw successful!
Looks like he's been studying a while Magical effects Particularly ugly
Shield "Sparkle sparkle." Too close to the power lines
The devestation continues "Oh, what a tangled web we weave ..." It tastes like burning
Nice aim Getting the job done Walloping the wildlife
Changing tactics Standing a little too close to the fire A couple of them have better reflexes than others
Wade in the water Arachnaphobia, take two Fountains of flame
Immolated arachnid Again with the pink projectiles Seems to have worked again, too
This guy just doesn't get a break Can't have too much of a good thing More pink devestation
A certain sense of foreboding Hydra battle He can certainly direct those well
Magical circles Like ripples on a lake The effect starts
And now it finishes And fades slowly away Just in time to toss out another
Invisibility must be handy He doesn't look too hard to see Planning out some actions
The owlbear's in trouble Bad day to be prone No fair! They have wings!
Mushroom hunting? Taking advantage of area effect Chaining some lightning
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