Baldur's Gate II - Screen Shots
05.30.2001 Expansion Screens  
Do you believe in Magic? Send in the monsters A Ghostly slap
Monsters come in neon colors, too That looks a bit painful Not a good place to hang out
Even monsters have fans Here comes trouble  
09.27.2000 Post-release screens Source: RPGFan
Massive fight Nice XP Reward Ring of Fire
Big bang A mystic site A strange room
Really strange room Scary demons A spell... Meteor Swarm?
That can't be good... A foreign environment Kuo-tua!
A red myconid Lightning The dead arise
An ankheg Ring of fire, Cloak of Horror A scary room
An oddly decorated room Beholder in an Ice Storm Mirror images!
Big scary beholder    
09.05.2000 Even More Screens Source: Gamespot
Dragon! "Who's your daddy!" Mummies and Ghasts
08.15.2000 More Screens Source: IGN
Cheaters Dark and scary room Shadows attack
Stinking Cloud! Shipboard battles  
08.09.2000 Dragon! Source: IGN
Casting spells More spells Dragon magic
No escape Run, you fools, run!  
08.03.2000 Some New Screens Source: PC IGN
Barbarian character screen Poor doggie!! Aqua Lizardmen?
It's an airship! You cannot sate Aataqah Impressive firestorm with pit fiend
Interesting building... Good looking waterfalls  
08.01.2000 Even More Screens Source: Daily Radar
Fighting a beholder The Lich is shielded There's a bear behind you!
Lightning bolt spell Map view Beholder in the rain...
"She'll taste pain soon!" Another area map A journal
Yet another beholder    
07.12.2000 More Screens Source: IGN
Fight for a drawbridge Stinking Cloud! Spells firing
The Red Wizards of Thay A tunnelmouth dweller  
5.15.1999 E3 Source: Interplay
Marbled chamber Critters you don't want to annoy Spellfight!
An inn Ring of fire Lightning strike
Ring of fire, part deux Let's not forget the undead Ship battle
05.08.2000 Gameplay screens Source: Gamefan
Ring of fire Stony giant Shop battle
Combat outside a building    
05.08.2000 Gameplay screens Source: Daily Radar
Battle on a dock A rather frightening building Ice rain
Magical battle Mage wreaks havok Beholder!
11.11.1999 First Look  
Talking to an Amnish guard Fighting monsters Minsc threatens
Leaving in the night Attacking an ogre mage Hit the lightswitch!
Fire! Air raid A mysterious sphere
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