Answering all the email that is received in an average day can be quite a chore for the staff of RPGamer. Although we take the extra time required to give special attention to any file submitted for posting in one of the various sections of interaction (Fan Art, Points of View, Q&A, etc.), often times emails about other subjects, such as links to breaking news, and submissions of media content go overlooked. This page is your guide to how best to get our attention so that your efforts actually reach our eyes and ears.

Type of Query Who to Contact Guidelines
Content Inquiries
General Feedback RPGamer Webmasters When submitting generalized feedback about any facet of the site, please make your email's subject something easy to identify.
Game Coverage Public Relations For publishers and developers with specific inquiries about game coverage, please contact Michael Cunningham, Public Relations Manager. For general press releases, send them to
Advertising Advertising If you're interested in advertising on RPGamer, simply email us with the link on the left.
Page Errors RPGamer Webmasters Page errors include typographical errors, errors of factuality, unacceptable media content, duplicate pages, and broken links.
Interaction Inquiries
Self-Made Art Fan Art The fan art curator has a submissions guide and a well maintained archive of all the art posted.
Q&A Letters Q&A Q&A currently features two hosts, Wonderslime on weekdays and Ourobolus on weekends.
Saving Throw Files Saving Throw The saving throw curator has a submissions guide that is available from any Saving Throw update.
Self-Made Music Sound Test The sound test curator has a submissions guide that is available from any Sound Test update.
RPGamer would like to note that the opinions and views expressed in any interaction column do not necessarily reflect those of RPGamer's other staff, its owner, webmasters, or any company affiliated with us.
News & Media Inquiries
Breaking News News Team RPGamer does not report on rumors. When sending information about a breaking news story, please provide a link to a credible news source where the information was originally posted. Additionally, RPGamer does not cover independently developed games at this time.
Game Media Media Team Please use ZIP compression when sending multiple files. When sending an email of over 500kb, please send a percursor email to warn us of the file size of the document being sent. We do not cover independently developed games at this time.
Please do not send us content that we already have posted on the site. We do not post rumors, media of an unacceptable nature, or content for games we do not cover. You will be appropriately credited for any information or media you send to us.

If you have a query of a type that doesn't fit into any of the above categories, send your email to the RPGamer Webmasters and they will forward it to the correct location.

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