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Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song

Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song - Original Soundtrack Album

Touted as "one of the best video game soundtracks of the year" in RPGamer's recent review of the game, the Romancing SaGa soundtrack stars the musical stylings of both series composer Kenji Ito, and long-time Square Enix composer and Black Mages guitarist Tsuyoshi Sekito. Fans of the Black Mages will be delighted to hear Sekito's versions of the game's battle themes, arranged in pure-rock style. Music lovers will be equally delighted to hear Ito's compositions. While they are a totally different style than Sekito's, the contrast in styles will leave listeners with a sense of refreshment.

  • 4 Compact Discs
  • 103 Tracks
  • 3 Hours 47 Minutes 32 Seconds
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Wild ARMs

Wild ARMs - alone the world: Vocal Collection

Although vocal remixes are all the rage, Wild Arms: alone the world takes some of the most memorable and beautiful tunes from a series of games already well known for their fantastic music. From the hushed elegance of "Lullaby", to the powerfully driven "Another Wind" this soundtrack mixes both fantastic female vocals (Japanese) and exemplary instrumental remixing. This soundtrack was partially composed by Michiko Naruke, who took part in the composition of each game in the Wild ARMs series.

  • 1 Compact Disc
  • 14 Tracks
  • 54 Minutes 12 Seconds
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Tengai Makyou II: Manjimaru

Tengai Makyou II: Manjimaru - Original Soundtrack Album

Outside of Japan the words Tengai Makyou very likely mean little or nothing to most people. This long lived game series has featured a number of composers and thematic elements over the years, but none quite so great as Tengai Makyou II: Manjimaru. Featuring works by both Hirohiko Fukuda, a relative unknown, and Joe Hisaishi, who has composed music for dozens of animatics and motion pictures including Princess Mononoke and Nausicaä, this soundtrack is something special; a virtual meeting-of-the-minds between the world of videogames and the world of cinema.

  • 2 Compact Discs
  • 60 Tracks
  • 1 Hour 27 Minutes 1 Second
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Suikoden IV

Suikoden IV - Original Soundtrack Album

Although many fans of the series consider Suikoden IV to be somewhat of a let down in terms of gameplay, that doesn't detract from the fantastic nature of the soundtrack. Not surprisingly this score features upbeat islandy themes that are offset by more soothing - if dark - jazz undertones. This soundtrack was partially composed by Michiru Yamane of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night fame.

  • 2 Compact Discs
  • 67 Tracks
  • 1 Hour 50 Minutes 38 Seconds
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Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger: The Brink of Time - Jazz Remix Album

Written and arranged by musical genius Yasunori Mitsuda, the soundtrack to the critically acclaimed Chrono Trigger takes on a new coat of paint in this remix album. Featuring a heavy jazz theme and using some light techno, this CD shows how to take an originally classical flair and spin in on its head. Featuring a relatively limited selection from the game, it makes up for a lack of variety with top notch instrumentation and the best easter egg ever designed into a cover.

  • 1 Compact Disc
  • 10 Tracks
  • 52 Minutes 47 Seconds
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Soundtrack Review

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI - Grand Finale Orchestra Album

Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. In the case of Final Fantasy VI Grand Finale, whether or not you find that beauty in the art of Yoshitaka Amano - which graces both covers of the CD as well as a number of the interior pages - or in the art of Nobuo Uematsu's compositions, there is little argument to be had over the existence of beauty therein.

One of the most common problems in orchestrated game music is a lack of 'fullness' to be found in it. A good portion of the time it's simply a problem of converting only the synthesized notes from the game into symphonic notes for an orchestra; when this kind of music is held up against classical, new age, or even motion picture music, it can become immediately and blatantly obvious that the 'background' sounds an orchestra is designed to showcase are forgotten in this simple cross over of styles.

This soundtrack suffers from none of that. Although every track will be immediately recognizable to anyone already familiar with the Final Fantasy VI Original Soundtrack, simply hearing the fine details added to the arrangements of each tune on this CD should be more than enough to separate it from the general clutter of orchestral game music. It also features some of Uematsu's trademark woodwinds in true-to-the-original detail, which is very nice.

All in all, the music contained on these CDs is nothing short of spectacular. Using several of the strong character themes from the game, this symphony is capable of making you relive the most emotional moments of your adventure; from the deeply melancholic Gau's Theme to the whimsically chaotic Kefka's Theme, for not a single moment of this aural masterpiece will you be capable of forgetting your hatred and your sorrow.

  • 1 Compact Disc
  • 11 Tracks
  • 54 Minutes 32 Seconds
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