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Phil Seaclayton

Hello hello hello! Phil Seaclayton here, and at RPGamer we always like to bring you a little more. So I am pleased to bring you the official announcement of the week's results, as well as a rundown of next week. And you're best advised to stick around for the end, because like any respectable reality contest, this one has a couple of surprises in store too!

Now, while an announcement might have ensured more across-the-board attendance, we held the first results ceremony on RPGamer's rockin' IRC channel, #rpgamer! Out of respect for the participants, one of whom was not happy about that ceremony, we won't be posting it here for the time being. That said, I will announce the results: Ross "Powerlord" Bemrose bowed out over the weekend, meaning the field is down to four, while Rebecca "Bucket Mouse" Rudeen pulled in the most votes, besting controversial choice Steve Zimmerman by ten votes.

But is the field really down to four? Like any good reality contest dealie, this one needs a twist, and a sixth contestant has been waiting in the wings! Well, actually, the main problem was that there are only seven days in a week, and doing six columns in week one would have messed up the timetable. Nevertheless, it's a twist, so that's the important thing! The sixth contestant will be revealed later today, when his bio will be posted.

Now, this sixth contestant, who sort of becomes our fifth contestant, will be leading off the week, and after that, the contestants will be reversing the order they posted columns in last week. Remember, anything can happen - voting totals do not fully carry over from week to week, so if your favorite is Mike or Matt, they have just as good a chance to win, so your support will be needed again next weekend.

Voting will go down the same way; after the final column is posted, the weekly roundup, written by yours truly, will go live, and the polls will re-open. Then on Sunday, they will close at 7:30 PM Eastern, followed immediately by the results show in #rpgamer. You're all invited to join yours truly as we run down the results there, followed by the announcement of which contestant is going home! So stay tuned, because this week promises to be just as action-packed as last week!

In the meantime, be sure to check out the judges' comments, which have been added to the main page as well as here. You can also continue to post in the message board threads for each contestant, as well as the overall contest board. Monday's column will go up in the afternoon or evening, as will all this week's columns. Anyhow, keep voting, keep discussing, and most importantly, keep sending in those letters to
Seaclayton OUT!


Matthew Demers


"In the market for a full week of Canadian hosts? Then Matt's your man. Hailing from Guelph, Ontario, this grad student has both the answers to your questions and scary math powers! He also claims to be crazy..."

Michael Wyatt


"Randvek is his nick, and rumour has it he's tried to seduce one of the judges! Could it be Folding Tool Heavy Duty he's after, or is it one of the ladies? Whatever the case, he's your choice for controversy!"

Ross Bemrose


"Ross is a repeat offender, having previously curated RPGamer's music section. He's been around RPGs forever, so he's got both knowledge and flair for your enjoyment!"

Rebecca Rudeen

Bucket Mouse

"It's a mouse! In a bucket! Well, maybe it's not, but she's got the answers to your question and she's also the only lovely lady among our contestants. Will she win your heart? Read her bio and find out! "

Steven Zimmerman


"What would a reality contest be without a bartender? Well, you're about to find out, because Stephen is splitting time between English and journalism at Clemson. Vote for him if you want in on the scoop!"

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