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We begin week 3 with four columnists we've had since week 1, but don't be fooled; each of them has certainly developed over their introductory three columns into something much more polished than what we saw as raw recruits a mere few weeks ago. It takes effort to put out a good job consistently and so far most of our columnists seem definitely possibilities for a permanant position.

Rebecca Rudeen, 09/06/05 -- So, our third week began with Bucket's column. Though it was originally delayed by a saddening lack of letters, that hole was quickly filled with many queries, which she seemed happy to answer. Once again, we see a strong anime influence as well as game influence in Rebecca's column; though this appeals to some readers, the past has shown us that not all RPGamer readers are as entranced with anime as she seems to be, and this could hurt her in the voting. That being said, her column is definitely a pleasant and relaxed read, and she answers questions with answers clear of the heavy-handed sarcastic wit we see in some of the men's columns of weeks past. Her column, if nothing else, certainly brings a smile to this judge's face whenever it is read. Solid work again, dear, and good luck in the voting.

Michael Wyatt, 09/07/05 -- Second to publish a column during this round was Randvek. Michael does seems to be indeed coming through as the underdog in the competition so far, which is truly a pity, as his columns have been good to begin with and have only improved again this week. One thing is for sure: he's not shy about giving a long answer to the questions whenever the opportunity or need arises! It's nice to see the questions broken down with their matching answers. His dislike of FFIX is a bit on the disappointing side, but that shouldn't stop the readers from voting for this potential columnist if they feel he is the best man for the job.

Matthew Demers, 09/08/05 -- Next up on the RPGamer Idol roll call is Matthew. As tempting as it is to play favourites to a fellow Canadian, this judge must remain impartial in her readings during this contest (Guelph is rather pretty in the spring though). Geographical locations aside, Matt managed to squeak in a second place during week two's voting, surprising this judge thoroughly. While Matt's columns are, if nothing else, a solid read, he seems to lack the spark that other columnists in this contest have, coming across as somewhat bland in nature. His lack of knowledge in PC games (something this judge shares with him) seems to have really hurt him this week, and we will have to wait to see how the polls go to determine Matt's future in the competition.

Steve Zimmerman, 09/09/05 -- Finally, this Friday's offerings were again served in a heaping pile by Z-Force. Steven's usual lack of any sort of tact follow him into this column, though it's been toned down considerably since his first foray into the Q&A world. His biggest problem, one he has yet to surmount, is that he simply cannot seem to put out a quality column. In this judge's eyes, while he is certainly improving, it's the distance between being completely wretched and moving to simply being adequate; in comparison, the other columnists have settled happily into their roles and are comfortable in their personalities, while Steve continues to bounce around in a maniacal fashion. If he survives to next week, he will need to realize that writing a column is work, and quit complaining about it.

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