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Welcome to week two of judging in our RPGamer Idol! This week saw the loss of Ross but the gain of a new contestant! His column was first up this week, so let's dive right into the columns and go on from there.

Kresent Phresh, 08/29/05 -- Day 1 brought us our surprise second week entry, and Kresent stepped right up to bat and proceeded to use it to smash most of the letter writers over their collective heads. Whether they deserved it or not, he always seemed to get in a dig. Whether or not this apppeals to the readers will likely be determined by the polls; however, to his credit he did actually answer all of the questions presented to him, even if some of them had rather flippant answers. If nothing else, he seems to be upbeat. Looking forward to seeing how the readers enjoy his style.

Steven Zimmerman, 08/31/05 -- The second day of this week brought us a second round by Z-Force. While Steven seemed to have gone out of his way to make an impressively negative impression on the judges last week, he has certainly pulled up his socks and toned down the universe-sized attitude to a smaller, galaxy-sized attitude. A definite improvement, making the column actually readable and bordering on enjoyable. If Steven lasts another week, it will be interesting to see whether his column is able to improve again - I'm curious to see if that happens or not.

Rebecca Rudeen, 08/31/05 -- Our third column for the week brings back our only female contestant in RPGamer Idol, Bucket. Rebecca brings a flavour unique to her columns, perhaps because of her heavy anime background and perhaps simply because she's a woman in contract to the overwhelming testosterone fests of the previous two columnists. She also seems to take a very different path to answering questions, doing so without the heavy sarcasm and baiting as seen in the other columns this week. A cheerful personality in the middle of the week makes for an excellent read, and this judge will be looking forward to seeing future columns by the lady.

Matthew Demers, 09/01/05 -- Day four brings up a flip view of last week, as second columnist Matthew Demers now becomes second to last in the week instead. Will the different placing allow the readers to view him in a different light? The polls will be the ones who hold the key to that particular mystery. Much like Bucket, Matt seems content taking a much lighter road to his column, keeping the sarcasm at bay and instead keeping his jokes to light banter and teasing. A middle road in the midst of furor made this column an excellent read.

Michael Wyatt, 09/02/05 -- Rounding out our final week brings our introduction to RPGamer Idol back for the conclusion of the second week, Michael Wyatt. Randvek's column last week seemed to be poorly received mainly because the controversy of the Idol competition didn't heat up until near the end of the week, leaving his column free of both scathing and readership, which is a pity indeed. This week Michael's column continues to deliver quality entertainment and could be a definite contender in the weeks to come. Whether the fans agree with this estimation, though, will have to be seen.

Congradulations to all columnists this week, and we'll see four of you during the next week of the competition. No matter who loses, this week the readers definitely won out.       -Paws =^^= Reviewer

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