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Michael Wyatt, 08/22/05 -- As we wrap up with Day 1 of RPGamer Idol, we see Randvek taking full command of the column and not backing down from an opinion, even if it may not be one that is popularly held! Such self-assurance could really do him well in the race against the other opponents. A good columnist needs to be able to hold their own against the masses of Q&A readers. I especially love how he managed to do some quick research and pull it together at the end of the column - in my own tenure I occasionally needed to set aside time to find the answer to a more difficult question. He comes across as witty and a great pleasure to read. Nice work overall Michael, and we'll see what the fans thought of you this weekend!

Ross Bembrose, 08/23/05 -- So passes Day 2 of our infamous RPGamer Idol competition, and today we see Powerlord up to the difficult task of answering questions. Ross has been a staff member with RPGamer before, but no favouritism is being shown today as he has to go through the exact same process everyone else does! He handles the questions very well, even providing some handy dandy links, something that sometimes is forgotten in the column, so he definitely gets a smile there. Unfortunately, while he does seem to be more than happy to do all sorts of research, it does imply that his base knowledge may end up being in a slightly lacking position...whether or not this would have an adverse effect on the column would remain to be seen, though. Great job today on the column anyways Ross!

Matt Demers, 08/24/05 -- Entering Day 3 of the RPGamer Idol contest we have the bouncy Matt bringing his personality and energy into his first column. He certainly seems to be the affable type, agreeing almost unanimously with every opinions shared within the letters served to him today. That doesn't make it a poor column by any means; and a positive columnist is always a pleasure to read. He's also happy to back up his own choices while still giving credit to others for different choices. Matt, like Michael, was able to pull together some simple research to answerseveral questions, which is one of the most useful skills that a columnist can have. He seemed to be pretty nervous in his introduction but managed to calm down by the time readers hit the outro. A solid column, and it will be interesting to know which way the readers will vote this coming weekend.

Rebecca Rudeen, 08/25/05 -- See comments for Folding Tool Heavy Duty

Steven Zimmerman, 08/26/05 -- As Day 5 wraps up of the contest, we have Zforce coming up to bat. My mother always suggested if I didn't have anything nice to say, I shouldn't say anything. So, that's all I have to say.

We've finished our first week of the contest. Good luck in the voting to the other four contestants.

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