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Judge Comments - Alethea - Week Three


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Rebecca Rudeen, 09/06/05 -- Another excellent column, although not outstanding. You are working out your own style and you've adjusted to the role of Q&A host quite well. You've reduced your anime references, and you've included other references to give the column some variety and more universal appeal. Keep up the good work!

Michael Wyatt, 09/07/05 -- Like Rebecca, you've also settled into the role of Q&A host and developed your own style. You've become comfortable enough to experiement with random humor, and while you didn't always make me laugh, I appreciate the attempts. I also greatly appreciate your linking to our Mother 3 page and complimenting our coverage! Overall, another good column.

Matthew Demers, 09/08/05 -- Once again, I can see that another contestant has settled into the demanding Q&A chair. This is what makes the competition interesting -- a few talented contestants who could all easily be the next Q&A host. Again, nothing outstanding here, but still a good read.

Steve Zimmerman, 09/09/05 -- Insulting the audience, as usual. Ick. Slashes? This is, not Once again, you flatter yourself way too much in the outro. You also broke the footer. Of course, Castomel should be stabbed for not proofreading and fixing your column, so I'll let you slide. Unlike the other contestants, you are not settling into the chair and developing your own style. You're improving, but for you "improving" means "gradually becoming tolerable." Your columns still aren't impressing me, and I don't believe you are ideal for RPGamer.

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