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Judge Comments - Alethea - Week Two


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Kresent Phresh, 08/29/05 -- Your column made me want to write in incomplete sentences. Insulting a reader. Yawn. Dodging the answers. Yawn. Jack Thompson jab! Nice, even if he is easy prey. Jab at the Japanese r/l language issue. Meh, not funny. "Send me your girlfriend." Definitely not funny, and worthy of an eye-roll. I salute you for answering some spam though. You had way too much randomness and not enough information. Random silliness is good sometimes, but not all the time. At the risk of sounding like Folding Tool Heavy Duty, the column was crappy. I'm sorry. I try to be pretty positive about people, but I just can't make it happen with this. I really expected a better column from you.

Steven Zimmerman, 08/31/05 -- You started out with yet another sour note: bragging about stirring up controversy. Like it takes talent to be crude and arrogant. Lame, not funny, and uninteresting. Moving on. Your first letter was a bit of a fumble. You recovered very nicely on the second letter; I enjoyed your Chrono Trigger answer. It even make me chuckle a little. How I adore that game. Third letter was another pitiful fumble as you resorted to hurling an insult. Fourth letter was a snappy response; I applaude your usage of Norse mythology and your reference to the abundance of puns in the message board thread. Once again, you made me smile and laugh. Your last two letters were also well done, except for the part where you admitted that you were too lazy to do the research. Maybe you just can't cut it in Q&A. Overall, better than your first disastrous attempt at Q&A. Your problem, however, is still your arrogance and your love of creating problems. Once again, I advise you to abandon these practices. Of course, you won't listen, but that's to your own demise.

Rebecca Rudeen, 08/31/05 -- Another excellent column! In spite of a couple of tiny errors (which should have been ironed out by a know who you are!), your work was solid. Again, a nice blend of humor and information, seasoned with your own brand of charm. I like how you turned to FFVII:DoC magazine scans on the site to answer the question about Vincent, and you also used your own Japanese skills to dig out the answer! You are a woman of many talents. I also enjoyed the bit about your dog, not only because I adore animals, but because it was a personal touch to the column. Last but not least, major props for mentioning current events and making selfless, sensitive comments about the disaster of Hurricane Katrina.

Matthew Demers, 09/01/05 -- Another excellent column. You had a few punctuation and spelling errors, but your answers were informative, opinionated, and even a little humorous. Oh, and I am a fan of Secret of Evermore as well.

Michael Wyatt, 09/02/05 -- Linking to reviews, previews, and game pages in your answer! Very nice! Again, a good blend of info, humor and opinion, and your links really help in the information department. Overall, an excellent column!

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