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Michael Wyatt, 08/22/05 -- That was very nice! Your answers were straightforward and clear, with just a dash of humor. You even handled a letter with an abundance of capitalization quite nicely and without resorting to mocking the writer (unlike some tasteless people around here). I also like how you did some digging for the Fate of Ages question. Have you had Q&A lessons? I really don't have any criticism, except for the fact that you kept changing your name throughout the column. I suppose you are trying to figure out your identity as an artist, and that's fine. It's just that some people prefer consistency in their Q&A hosts. Settle on a name, and keep up the good work!

Ross Bembrose, 08/23/05 -- Good work! You have a nice blend of opinion, information, and humor. The highlights of your column were the Jack Thompson jab and the trick with Babelfish and Chrono Trigger -- which led to an interesting point about Chrono Break. You even got right in the face of some tricky questions, including the one about Sony and 2D sprites, instead of evading the issue with nonsensical drivel like some people do sometimes. At one point you put "Powerlord" instead of "Ross." Perhaps this was just an oversight, but it's really minor anyway. The rest of the column really shines!

Matt Demers, 08/24/05 -- OK...well, you were very straightforward and fairly informative in your answers. You worked quite well with the few letters you received. However, you didn't really have much humor, and your random pie reference came out of the blue and created a feeling of awkwardness, at least for me as an audience member. It's rather cliche, and it seemed like you were straining to be funny. You didn't really start to shine until the Dragon Quest letter, where your passion became clear.

Rebecca Rudeen, 08/25/05 -- Excellent job! You balanced humor and information quite well. It's clear you have a strong knowledge of games and anime, and you've also got a sweet charm and friendly, confident tone. Your shining moment was the letter in response to women and gaming. You also handled ranting fanboys with ease and grace. My only criticism is to watch your html. You seem to have a tag error somewhere that altered the font for the column partway through. However, html skill is beside the point; this contest is mainly about how well you can perform in Q&A. Indeed, that was an excellent performance.

Steven Zimmerman, 08/26/05 -- OK. Most of your answers were good. You really need to dial back the negativity though. Big thumbs down for the blatant sexism. This is the ear-grating sour note in an otherwise decent column. We have many female readers -- a minority, yes, but a very large chunk of our readership -- and it's a grave mistake to make sexist comments in a poor attempt at humor. You also poked fun at mentally retarded people. That's quite a stoop for a quick joke. I know that you are looking to shock people. Shock factor will quickly garner you a fanbase, but unless you can keep topping yourself by becoming more and more shocking, you will not retain that fanbase. In Q&A, we try to be professional, informative, and entertaining. We have limits to how shocking one can be, but you have already exceeded those limits.

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