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It Has Come To This August 24, 2005

Matt Demers - 4:31 EST

GREETINGS, greetings, greetings, everybody. I welcome you all to another fun-filled Q&A segment- this one hosted by none other than me. While I am quaking in my boots with the hope that this whole shebang will go well, the quaking is being dampened considerably by the lack of letters that have (not been) flowing in. Hence, send away, as Ross coaxed yesterday! I coax you all as well! Make this job easier for the contestants yet-to-come!!

Well, enough with the chastising- I'm not going to win your vote by being a nag, after all. Let's get to the letters, shall we?

Identity Crisis!

Hello I am a rpg game player and collector.
Having Wild Arms 1,2, and 3, I noticed a title called Wild Arms 2nd Ignition, which was released in North America several months before Wild Arms 2. What little I can find on this game sounds a lot like Wild Arms 2.

Are Wild Arms 2 and 2nd Ignition the same game?

Thanks Much

I do not possess a wealth of knowledge about the Wild ARMs series, but I've been thinking more and more about grabbing one or more of them one of these days. However, all indications are that Wild Arms: 2nd Ignition, and Wild Arms 2 are one and the same. In fact, more than one source I've found online seem to say that "Wild Arms: 2nd Ignition" was indeed the Japanese title, in which case either you or your source must be mistaken about it being released in North America.
Sorry if you were looking for some more WA goodness!

Handheld Horrors and Console Queries

Andrew: The nintendo DS is a waste of money no matter how much it costs. I wouldn't care if it dropped to a dollar I still wouldn't feel compelled to buy it. I don't know, but something about having to say "escape" to run from battles in Lunar: Dragon Song just doesn't sit well with me. It sounds more like, "Ooo, we have a new toy! Let's try to get the most out of the features that shouldn't be there in the first place!"


Anyway. Yes, I am quite bitter about the recent handhelds that came out on the market. Don't even get me started on the PSP.

Well, I'm not Andrew, but I'll do my best here.

Personally, I shared similar concerns to you, and still do. However, my desire to obtain upcoming games on the Nintendo DS finally overcame my desire to save $200 CDN, and I broke down and bought one only a couple of weeks ago (only to have the price drop announced almost immediately afterward). I agree with you... many (most) of the games for the Nintendo DS so far seem extra-gimmicky and full of superfluous stuff that looks cool from afar, but most probably blows in reality. HOWEVER, I will say that firstly, the touch screen is far more precise than I really thought it would be, and secondly, the DS is still really in its infancy. (I'm most certainly going to lose that stupid stylus one of these days...)

I think we WILL agree on the PSP, though. Maybe I shouldn't get started on it either...

So here's my question:

out of the three new consoles that are coming out, which one do you find would be the most worth your money?
I personally prefer the revolution for the simple fact that I was a nintendo fan in the old days when Squaresoft still gave them decent games. And there were a few games on other nintendo systems that I never got around to playing that I would like to try now that its possible to play all on one system. But here I go writing a novel. Sorry about that. -Angel0886


Well, I like to root for Nintendo too, generally speaking. The problem, though, has been that in the recent past, the games I NEED to play have all ended up appearing on the Playstation systems, be it the former or the latter. I suspect that the trend might continue, but that, of course, is really still up in the air. So, my answer is "Revolution, but actually PS3"? "Not XBox360"? If you like the old-school Nintendo, the Revolution might be just for you... especially if all this talk about downloading oldies holds true in the end.

Wildberry ARMS...

I'm assuming the lack of collumn is due to a lack of letters so here's one for you

What happened to Wild ARMS: Alter Code F, it dissapeared from the sidebar on the front page for like the 6th time, was it delayed again?

Yeah I know I asked that before but I feel it is better than your preferance for pie, or why there has been no collumn, when is Shadow Hearts 3 coming out etc.

Arros Raikou
*Needs collumns... to feed his hunger*

MAN, pie is so good, is it not?? I would love to just sit here and talk about warm, flaky, homemade blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream melting in the cracks. Or, on the other hand, we could talk about piping hot, Dutch apple, with... OK, enough already- this isn't the food network, after all. OR MAYBE IT IS...

Yes, Wild ARMS: Alter Code F. My crystal ball says that it's being released sometime in October, which is pretty darn soon. I'd say just hold tight, and eat your pie, and all should be well.

Another one of those 'Ultimate Questions'

Why do we need someone new, Andrew was the best!


It's a fun spot to be, answering such a question and being a potential replacement simultaneously! I feel so powerful.

To my knowledge, however, Andrew is going absolutely nowhere! The RPGamer Idol contest is to replace Q&A guy extraordinaire, Googleshng, who vanished mysteriously awhile back, as far as I know. In other words, your beloved Andrew will be by your side for updates to come. I think. *applause*

Spells and Wording, Words and Spelling

I have been reading up on the latest news from Dragon Quest VIII and I heard that Square-Enix is going to alter some of the names of various spells and monsters. Various Examples of this would be "Blaze" becoming "Sizzle" and "Infernos" becoming "Whoosh" and "Red Slime" taking on the name of "She Slime". My question is what exactly do you think of these changes?

Indeed, I have heard the same. I guess I was uncertain about how to feel about this sort of thing. Being a big DQ fan as well, I have a certain fondness for the old names, and just about broke a fibula when I discovered that they changed "Bikill" into "TwinHits" a few North American releases ago.

Here's my take: I'm happy that it's coming overseas at all, and I regard the localization changes with a grain of salt. To me, something as specific as sillified spell names is not a significant enough issue to sway my opinion, even if the end results sound like Rice Krispies mascots that never made the cut.

The gameplay, I assume, will remain intact, and THAT is a good thing. The real test will be if the REST of the localization is adequately swell. By that, of course, I mean NOT like Dragon Warrior VII, which would have been all right in that respect if it weren't for the ridiculous number of typographical errors present throughout the game.


Phew!! And so ends the column! I hope it was remarkable enough to invoke some emotional response from all of you (the desired one being "contentness" or something similar). Do you like? Do you not like? You want some more?? Well, vote at the end of the week for who you want to see again, and enjoy what the rest of the contestants have to offer here!!

E-mail me! (or not, if you don't want to)

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