Date of Birth
December 22, 1981
RPGamer Hire Date
Not quite yet...
RPGamer Position
Q&A Idol Contestant
Dracut, MA
Personal Homepages
My Livejournal
Miryokuteki Monogatari
Five Favorite Video Games
1) The Legend of Zelda
2) Dance Dance Revolution series
3) Harvest Moon: FoMT/MFoMT 
4) Secret of Mana
5) Final Fantasy IV
Four Favorite Anime
1) Card Captor Sakura
2) Slayers
3) Yakitate! Japan
4) Sailor Moon
Three Favorite Things
1) Boston Red Sox
2) My doggie
3) Sushi (maguro, sake, unagi, ebi and kappa maki)
Two Favorite Hobbies
1) Collecting manga and anime
2) Crafts in general, specifically knitting and embroidery
One Favorite Movie
1) North by Northwest

Bucket doesn't need a Nintendog--she has her own. Bucket doesn't need a Nintendog--she has her own.

What can I say?  This has been a dream and ambition of mine ever since the days RPGamer first started.  Ah, those were the days; I was fifteen and going “uwaah!” at the demo for Final Fantasy 7, renting Secret of Mana and the two SNES Final Fantasies from the video store and hoping that my saved games hadn't been erased by an inconsiderate prior customer.  (They almost always were.)

One of my journalism teachers at St. Michael’s College told my class about the four stages of technology adoption.  I forget exactly what those stages were (I’m sorry, Prof. Hyde!) but I fall somewhere at the end when everyone else's interest has waned.  My most advanced system is probably a tie between my PlayStation and my Game Boy Advance SP.  I know I’ll probably never catch up to those who own every system and have played every RPG, and I know I have a lot of catching up to do.  Heck, I may be destined to always be a little behind.  But I’ll do my best with what I’ve got.

I’m currently “self employed and between opportunities” which is a cute way of saying I’m out of work and on unemployment.  Getting this opportunity is really taking the sting out of what would otherwise be a miserable summer spent in constant pursuit of Waldo (the name I give to That Perfect Job.)  In my spare time I’ve been playing MapleStory, a 2D MMORPG (my character is Ribby and I play on the Bera servers.)

Aside from RPGamer I’m putting my skills to work at a webmanga, Miryokuteki Monogatari ~ The Charming Files, which is somewhat of a fulfillment of my life’s dream.  It is a cliché ridden Mary Sue type of story with the requisite amounts of comedy, mystery and obligatory RPG, anime and Homestar Runner references.  I don’t draw as well as I write.

In case you were wondering, yes, I was the 2nd place winner in Anime Trivial Pursuit at Anime Boston 2005, and no, I am not the Bucketmouse of

Rebecca "Bucket" Rudeen

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