Date of Birth
January 27, 1983
RPGamer Hire Date
I don't have one... YET!
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Prospective Public Communications Correspondent
City, State/Province
Personal Homepage
Beware: Seldom Updated!
1) RPGs
2) Drawing
3) Composing
4) Decomposing
Favorite Grains
1) Barley
2) Sorghum
3) Quinoa
Favorite RPGs
1) Earthbound
2) Final Fantasy IV-V-VI
3) Dragon Warrior III/IV
4) Any Mario RPGs
5) Secret of Mana

Elusive as the faerie dragon, this RPGamer staffer's identity is a closely guarded secret! Ooh! Mysterious!

   What can I say? I'm just a random twenty-something with large aspirations to be granted the life-changing title of Q&A Guy. I've been coming to the site for years and years now, and finally decided that this would be a great opportunity to take a crack at getting involved. Little did I know what I was getting into...

   For people wishing to delve further into my personal life, I'm an evil math student starting a graduate program at the University of Guelph. However, I come from a very homegrown background near Chatham, Ontario, where I toiled endlessly under the steambath of smog daily during the summer months, hoeing weeds and doing other odd jobs. On the side, it's remarkable how few people out there know that "hoeing" CAN mean something other than what first comes to mind. Then again, maybe I'm just a redneck...a regular role-playin'-gamin' yokel! Pretty cool hybrid class huh? Farmer/Mathematician/RPG-er! It's like my special ability is taking my turn-based time to whack mutant weeds over the head with an integral sign. Yeah, I'll shut up about that now and move on.

   RPG-wise, I grew up on Dragon Warrior, and that's where my heart is and always will be. That said, I'm a big fan of most of Square Enix's offerings, though I generally tend to like the yesterday more than the today. I can really appreciate a silly sense of humour, so it's not surprising that Earthbound and the Mario RPGs are games that I love. Go Nintendo!! That's 20 points for you (grab them while you can)!! Otherwise, I've enjoyed the Star Ocean games, the Zelda games, the Xeno-series, and Breath of Fire...and I'd give almost any non-FPS games a whirl (I am inherently terrible at first-person shooters).

   Anyhow, I really hope that I get enough of your love to become your next Q&A host. If not, I'll melt into the background once again to await my next burst of spontaneous job application...

Last Updated: August 23, 2005

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