Interview with Aleksey Alekseyev

RPGamer recently interviewed the Project Leader of Boolat's Lethal Dreams, Aleksey Alekseyev. We asked Aleksey to provide us with a brief biography which will be presented before the start of the actual interview.

Mr. Alekseyev: I was born in 1980 in a little mining town. I am keen on hardcore RPGs (Ultima, Wizardry, Arkania), Total Anihilation 1, UFO 1,2,3. From childhood I was fond of creating games. At first I did it by myself, and then I invited scriptwriters, programmers, musicians and designers. And I did not even notice, but Boolat had been born! And here it is the full-scale project. It has made a reality of our best ideas that existed on the first stages of the development of Lethal Dreams. Of course we're incredibly proud of ourselves and we overestimated our forces a bit. LD proved a very difficult challenge for our first try to enter the highest league of game development. But we expanded the team and did our best. We're finishing Lethal Dreams right now although there were a lot of difficult situations during the developing process. And we think, we completed the project with dignity!

RPGamer: What sets your game apart from other PC RPGs?

Mr. Alekseyev: It is kind of a "fresh view". Our new ideas distinguish our games from another. We try to add to the game as much new and interesting things as possible. Taking into account that Lethal Dreams was our first project, it is clear that it contains a lot of innovations that harassed us long before the organizing of the developing team.

RPGamer: Are there any unique obstacles that face a Russia based developer?

Mr. Alekseyev: I think that there are some obstacles. The game developing industry in CIS (Russia, Ukraine, etc.) has not been in existence for a very long time. And it's a pity, but we still don't have special organizations, like the International Game Developers Association or schools of gamedev and others. So that's why, for the most part, companies learn from their own mistakes. And also they can gain an experience from the famous developers that reveal the factors of their success to the whole world.

RPGamer: What can you tell us about the plot of Lethal Dreams?

Mr. Alekseyev: Well, plot. It's completely original and unusual. And we do not have to save the world. As a matter of fact there is nothing to save there. This world's inhabitants destroyed it and led it to the state of Chaos. Only rare representatives of the strongest consciousnesses are able to keep up the forms from the past and from the imaginary future in this chaos. The plot is contrasting and flexible. It allows you to choose your friends and enemies, and to solve the problems using magic staff or diplomacy.

RPGamer: Can you explain a little more about the seven paths of Magic?

Mr. Alekseyev: Each path is a separate philosophy; it is an individual view on the world. Of course every path allows players to create monsters using unique methods, and some of the paths also allow players to strike direct blows. But every single school of magic is not able to show the whole game process and its tendencies. The spells of each of schools are multi-effective and they can be combined. But also even different magic schools can be blended together. And exactly those spells of the adjoining schools and the spells of your own school will assign your complex magic path. This element of the gameplay is one of the basic parameters which provide the game with a high level of replayability.

RPGamer: How will the path the player chooses affect the story line of the game?

Mr. Alekseyev: The magic path will determine who could be better or worse person for any agreements during the game process. And nothing more. The player is able to change the events in comparison with a starting situation and a previous game with same character cardinally.

RPGamer: When can we expect Lethal Dreams to be released outside of Europe?

Mr. Alekseyev: In the near future! We have signed contracts for some territories already. And at this very moment our world-wide agent Russobit-M is in deep negotiations with publishers in other regions. The upcoming E3 should be the basic event for other announcements.

RPGamer would like to thank Mr. Alekseyev for taking the time for our interview. RPGamer will continue to provide you with more news of Lethal Dreams, as it is released. For those interested, Aleksey provided us with the following system requirements:

Minimum: 800 mhz
128 ram (win98) -192 (winXP)
Tnt2 - Video

Recommended: P3 1GHz
256 Ram
GeForce 2 with 32 video ram

by Martin Drury    

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